Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ambulance EMT Safety Felt Story Sets!

WOW! I got the most fun special order request this weekend! An EMT in Florida contacted me to create an ambulance theme felt story for a community outreach event they are having.

I quickly started to do my research on ambulance theme's and quickly was shocked to find that there is nothing out there to teach our children about these wonderful community hero's! I searched online, went to the library, went to the bookstore and researched my 36 teacher resource books. Nothing!

During dinner last night I was talking to my family about how surprised I was that there is not any songs or stories for young children to talk to them about ambulances. My son Andrew who has peanut allergies and has had to make many trips in the ambulance suggested that we write something together! We all had so much fun writing a special short story and creating a song! It was a wonderful family moment and our children and us will remember forever!

All our designs are copyrighted © 2008 - All Rights Reserved
Andrew's Ambulance Ride Felt Board Story!
All our designs are copyrighted © 2008 - All Rights Reserved
Five Little Ambulances Felt Story Song


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