Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mystery Music Box!

This is one of my favorite activities to do with my kids! When things are getting pretty loud in the house and the kids are getting a little crazy I always call for our "Mystery Music Box!"

We have decorated a shoe box. I had the kids paint it and decorate it to help them be a part of it. Inside the box is filled with all our music cards! I have taken plain 3x5 cards and colored pictures one each one to relate to all our favorite songs and fingerplays. (example: one card has a picture of a monkey and a bed on it.......the kids know that is the song five little monkey's jumping on the bed!)

Whichever child I asked to get the Mystery Music Box gets to close their eyes and pick out a card! The kids get so excited because they don't know which song they are going to pick! I then get out our felt pieces that go along with the song and we sit and sing together!

This is such a fun activity! The kids love to sing the song together over and over again! My kids will take turns singing the song while putting their felt story pieces on their felt board!

Glitterful Felt Stories has a large collection of songs and fingerplay felt sets!


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