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Did we say FREE?.....Yes....Free Felt Board Stories!!

We would like to introduce to you a wonderful program that we at Glitterful Felt Stories wanted to offer during our holiday season. We have found that there are so many hurting people in our world today and we wanted to offer a program that will help reach out and uplift these people! So we are starting our pay-it-forward free felt board story program!

We have been converting most of our profits this month into Grocery certificates for local families we know that are out of work. We then decided to start this program to be able to reach out and help more people!!

Enter November 24th-December 20th

We ask that you comment below in this blog what wonderful deed you would do for someone in your community! It could be bringing a meal to a family that you know is out of work, dropping off some holiday toys for a family you know is in need, bringing cookies to an elderly person, or even donating your free story to a school in need! Your deed is up to you....and we are so excited to see what you decided to do!!

Happy Holidays!!



Our rules are:

1. Post a comment of what you would do nice for someone if you got a free story!

2. Comment on your favorite story that you would like to get

3. Leave your name and email address

Our elves will pick people in our comment box to give your favorite free items away!!

We will post all the winners at the end of the promotion!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful program!! I cannot wait to try and get a free story!! I would donate it to my child's preschool. :)

  2. We just got the snowflake set and plan to pay it forward by donating it to our local developmental preschool!

  3. I took care of a child today so that the care giver could go to a bible study. :)

  4. This is a great program from a great company! My children love their Glitterful Felt Stories!! Please keep the new designs coming!!

  5. I'm missing the elves every day! Aww, man!

  6. we just donated a turkey meal to one of our neighbors in need, and we would also donate the free set to my daughter's preschool, they would love it as much as we do!!

  7. I have 3 boys in special needs preschool and I would love to be able to donate a felt story to them for Christmas. They do so much for my little guys and they LOVE using their felt board to tell stories. I know they have the Old Lady Who Swallowed the Bat but the Old Lady Who Swallowed Snow or Brown Bear would be super cool. Any of them would be!

  8. wow i love to try and win this for my little one and well if i won this to my little one i would well take her old toys shes out grown and give them to toys for tots thanks and well i realy love all the felt story set's and well i realy do love the story abt the old lady who sowelled the fly i think i love that one if well i was picked to win this and well then my little one would have some thing nice to put under the x-mas tree the way things look it may not be a wel joyfull x-mas for us this year thanks

  9. I would host a preschool at my house for the kids in my neighborhood! I would pick the "snowman snowman, what do you see" story.

  10. How cool!! With the economy as it is, libraries are being used more readily than ever before. I think it is important for parents to bring their children to the library to interact with adults, children, books, and to be entertained and educated during storytimes and other library activities. In order for many kids to get exposure to the wonderful world of flannel board stories, I would donate the free felt board story to my local library. There they would use it over and over again and would reach many children over many years.

  11. email would be helpful:)

  12. I would donate the felt board to my grand daughters daycare. With a range of ages I am sure everyone would benefit from the cool story board.
    I would love to have the *Old lay that swallowed a fly* that story is so funny.. and I would love to read it to my baby girl~

  13. I've organized the 12 Days of Christmas for a needy family in my area. We're gathering a lot of fun stuff for them, I know their youngest boy would LOVE the "GO AWAY BIG GREEN MONSTER" story. Thanks for the great giveaway!


  14. I would donate this to Toys for Tots this Christmas. I am not picky on which story, they all look cute. Thanks!

  15. Well, being that I, myself, am struggling right now, it has made it a bit easier to see others who are also. If I got a free story, I would give it away. Also, I will (probably even if I don't get the story) pay your kindness forward by offering a small gift to someone who needs their spirits lifted.

  16. We've donated to our local food bank and are donating to Toys for Tots.

    I love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

  17. Thank you for another of your great ideas. My husband is a Marine who was injured overseas. I would want to take my two little boys to the hospital and let them "read" a story to their Dad. We would then leave the "story" there for other little children "read" to their Dad's.
    my email is

  18. if i won i would donate it to the christmas shoes box we have at church were you fill a shoebox with a toy for a needy child. any story would be very much appreciated! thanks.

  19. We're going to donate a bunch of clothes and toys to a toy/clothes drive.

  20. This weekend we are going as a family to take some names from the Christmas Angel tree. Even though out budget is tight this year, I know we will be able to help bring joy to another child. Thank you for offering this great giveaway! rhonda (at) acedesignstudio (dot) com

  21. My dear friends just adopted a newborn baby boy, born 12/15/08.
    His name is Jonathan. He has been on my mind around the clock because no one knew until he was born that Jonathan has only one arm. So the joy of having this new little guy is being a bit overshadowed by having to tell everyone that he is physically handicapped.
    I think the arm was just so unexpected, like my friend said her biggest concern was wondering if the ultrasound was correct, if it was really going to be a boy and not a girl. It was a shock and they didn't have any time to prepare emotionally/mentally.
    I can't imagine how I would have felt if one of my boys had a problem that I didn't know about until the minute they were born. Even when my friend told me on the phone I just felt my heart stop, my breath catch. When I went and held him I just wanted him to be protected from a possible lifetime of insensitive comments. I wanted to cry for the difficulties that will be in his path.
    I wanted too to act like he was normal and fuss over him like any newborn.

    I'm going to baby sit tomorrow, well not really baby sit but hold Jonathan while his mama does stuff around the house to get ready for Christmas company!

  22. I don't know if this qualifies but I went to the grocery store and donated lots of canned goods to our food shelter in our county as they are having difficulties filling their shelves fir those in need this holiday season.

    Email- karpos1999@gmail. Com

  23. I just recently helped a dear friend donate some toys and books to the Toy Library at the Huntington Hotel. It's a subsidized hotel around the corner in downtown L.A. This is a fairly bleak place and has 22 families and sometimes children in these areas are forgotten. Well at the Huntington - not anymore!!!

    Here's an article about it:

    It was really nice to do something for our favorite people - kids! Paying it forward creates such magic in their lives! It would be so special to donate a FELT BOARD STORY to one of these sweet kiddies!

    And, my favorite story? I love, love, love A OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A FLY Flannel Board Story.

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))



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