Monday, December 29, 2008


One of the ways to help our children work at something with all their heart is to help them set goals for the New Year. You might thing that only adults make New Year's resolutions. But, developing plans to reach a goal is an important part of life for all ages, and helping our children set and meet goals builds a foundation that will last a lifetime.
Keep these things in mind when helping kids make and keep their New Year's goals:
  • Set Realistic goals. Often kids give up because goals overwhelm them. Unmet goals can lead to a sense of failure, but as goals are met, confidence improves.
  • Monitor progress. Talk to your kids about how they are doing (and feeling) about their goals. Or make a checklist for the steps needed to achieve the goal.
  • Be flexible. Setbacks will happen. Don't allow your child (or you) to get discouraged and give up. Use setbacks as teaching opportunities.
  • Believe in your child (and yourself). Stay positive about the progress and don't judge the outcome too early.
  • Celebrate!! Acknowledging achievement, even the smallest ones, is a great motivation. Celebrating the achievement of steps is as important as celebrating when the overall goal is met.

As you're helping your child make goals for the New Year, why not make a few for yourself, too!

  • Help try and make the best goals for you and your family this year
  • Help to change your priorities if needed in order to reach your goals
  • Have Fun....Enjoy is too short to be unhappy...we only live once!!


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