Thursday, January 1, 2009


We have Free Ticket's to a Los Angeles Clipper's Game! The tickets are for a student that you know and deserves to be honored for their commitment for excellence in the classroom. It has to be for a student in the greater Los Angeles Community. The certificate that you will get will need to be filled out by you and sent into the Los Angeles Clippers to get your free ticket. It also comes with an award certificate for you to give to the child.

Dates of the games available:
Saturday January 17 7:30pm
Wednesday February 11th 7:30pm
Saturday March 7th 7:30pm
Sunday March 15th 6:30pm
Friday April 10th 7:30pm

You will need to send in the form to the Clippers at least two weeks prior to your selected game to guarantee seat location. Space is limited. They also have discounted seats to the child's friends and family members who would like to attend the game in support of the student. (all forms must include one paying ticket....upper level $20.00 and lower level $40.00)

Seat locations are processed by the Clippers and are on a first-come, first serve basis and is subject to availability. Please get your form from us ASAP and send it in ASAP.

To Get a Form:

1. Please blog a comment below if you know of a student and need a form. (required)
2. If you are not a blogger then please leave your email address, so we can contact you to send to the form
3. Last day to get one from us is January 8th

Thank you for taking the time to help honor all the wonderful hard working students of the greater Los Angeles community!!


  1. This is such a magical way to pay it forward! I'm definitely forwarding this posting on to some of my MOMMY friends here in L.A.!

    Thanks so much!!! : )))

    LOL (Lots Of Love),

  2. I would love to get a ticket for a 4th grader who is an outstanding student and has a huge devotion to basketball. He loves to watch pro ball and college ball and also plays park basketball.

  3. Thanks so much Leah!! We would love for lots of kids to be able to take advantage of this great offer!!

  4. Cindyg31696- Could you please email me with your contact information to send you the form? Your email is not public for me through blogger!! Thanks!!

  5. What a great program to support achievement! Hopefully families really do take advantage of this program. Especially during these tough times.


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