Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hi Wonderful Glitterful Blog Readers! I got an email from a Mom looking for some advice from our readers! If you could please post any advice for her in the comments below it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

Hi Super BigMac Mom,

I know you are a busy mother of three but I was wondering if can you post on your blog a request for any advice on toothpaste. My little guy hates toothpaste. He gags with the mint (whether its' bubble mint, fruit mint, anything). The only toothpaste that I found that he will tolerate is the grape toothpaste from Oral B however, it is so hard to find (In fact if I find it i will buy a case load).Do you have any suggestions for a fluoride toothpaste that taste great but not minty ?

Thank you,

Mommy in need of good toothpaste
Thank you to everyone who posts their advice!


  1. Here is some of my advice to help you! :)Hope some of this might help!

    Make sure you are using the smallest size and softest toothbrush to help prevent gagging.

    With the toothpaste I always recommend using the all-natural brands of toothpaste. Have you tried their flavoring, maybe without the artifical flavoring it won't bother him as much?

    Try to keep his mouth as dry as possible when brushing, having him spit as much as possible.

    Try distracting him during brushing. Try brushing his teeth while he is in the bathtub playing with his toys. Maybe if his mind is not on brushing he wont gag as much!

  2. Ok, one more thought.... With him being able to only use one type of toothpaste, do you think he might be allergic to one of the ingredients in the other brands? Maybe it is inflaming his throat? Check the ingredients on the packages of the one he can use and the one's he cannot. See if there is an off ingredient! (Just a thought)

  3. Hi -

    My daughter is VERY picky as well. We use the Aquafresh kids bubblegum flavored. But, the BIG THING is her musical Veggie Tales toothbrush. This is the greatest thing ever!

    I haven't timed it, but I'm pretty sure it plays the songs for 2 minutes.

    She loves brushing her teeth now. We used to have tantrums every time. I highly recommend the musical toothbrush.

    Hope that, or something else, helps. I feel your frustration!

  4. Same problem here; mine uses Oral B "berry" flavored. Tom's of Maine also has berry flavored tooth pastes for kids that most children really like.

    I have gotten the Oral B at Babies R Us, and at random grocery stores. I think it is difficult to find at places like Wal-Mart.

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