Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My family just finished up a super fun three day trip to Las Vegas! My husband is a very busy businessman and can only usually take small trips to avoid missing work. Las Vegas is one of our funnest little quick getaways that our family likes to take!
This was our first time going to Las Vegas in the winter. We usually go in the summer and spend the entire time at the pool. Coming in the winter allowed us to see all the fun things to do with kids in Vegas!!

We stayed at the Wynn hotel's new tower The Encore! It is a beautiful new hotel that does not seem kid friendly...but they were fantastic at accommodating our kids! They brought special kids baskets up for them with toys and amenities.

Ok, are all the fun things that we did with our kids in Vegas!

  • They have built a new monorail (similar to the one at Disneyland) that goes to both sides of the strip. Our kids loved it! We took so many trips back and forth on it. It saved our feet from walking and the kids had fun doing it!

  • We went into the MGM Grand and they have a wonderful Tiger exhibit. You can walk through tunnels with sleeping tiger's right over your head!! They do a presentation for the children where they talk about the tiger's....very educational!!

  • The M&M factory!! A big hit with my kids!! They ran through the four flights of the factory amazed by all the M&M creations. We got to see how they are made and watch a free 3-D movie!
  • They have tons of video game places. Good and Bad. Good-the kids have fun. Bad-super expensive! We went to circus circus and I could not get out there fast enough!! So, we went over to the Gameworks....which was much better!!

  • They have a fantastic shark aquarium exhibit at Mandalay Bay that my children loved!! A must see!!

  • At Paris hotel we took an elevator to the top of their Eiffel tower! It was a beautiful sight to see and the kids stayed up at the top for over an hour looking at everything below!

  • Of course there are lots of shows outside the hotels....Volcano at the Mirage, Pirate Show at the Treasure Island and the water show at the Bellagio. They are all wonderful and fun to watch!

  • The highlight of our trip was going to the Hoover Dam! It was the most amazing sight to see! The kids spent hours looking at all their educational exhibits and they learned so much about history. A must for your kids!!

I have added some of my favorite pictures to share with you!

Please share your favorite kid friendly activities in Vegas in the comments below!

The Wynn Buffet had food for everyone...super yummy....and filled with kids!My three little kiddos super excited to be at Hoover Dam!One of our favorite fountains at the Paris Hotel

My Family!

My daughter Ella at the M&M factory....her favorite!

A super cool picture from our Hotel window!

My childhood favorite....that we found was back on our way there!


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