Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I got an email that I wanted to share with all my reader! I have a front loader washer and after reading this I attached a Velcro safety latch onto it.
Here is the info I received...make sure and forward this on:

"I thought I should share this with you mommies...and please pass this info along. This may be on the news as well. My mom just called...she works in an orthopedic surgeons office. Apparently a little girl about 4 years old was treated for a broken foot...but she is also severely brain damaged. She was playing with her little 1 -1/2 year old brother and she climbed inside of a front loading washing machine. The little brother closed her in and pushed some buttons...this locked her inside and she was stuck for too long. Please take caution with front loading machines. I never would have even thought about sad."

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