Thursday, February 12, 2009


The kids and I love Valentine's Day and this year we set out to make our Valentine's different and with a little more love in them! Here are some pictures of how we made together felt Valentine's and Candy bags!!

The kids decorated their traditional See's Candy boxes with Felt hearts, Glitter glue and puffy paint! They had so much fun making them personalized!!

Andrew this morning with all his finished Valentines!!

Our Finished girl Valentines! Filled with the traditional store bought Valentine and lots of kisses!!

Our Finished Boy Valentine's!! Andrew loves football and wanted to create football Valentine's for all this "boy" friends!

I sewed up the sides of the footballs and hearts leaving a small opening in the top!

The kids helped me make a football pattern. Together we traced and cut out all the footballs!!

This was truly our funnest year making Valentine's together! Plus they turned out so super cute!!


  1. These are so cute and very creative! I ordered stuff online to make valentines bath fizzy bombs with my kids and I ordered so late the stuff has not come yet. Looking for a new project to get those Valentines out on time!

  2. Hi Laurie! Here is a recipe for bath bomb fizzy's! It might be fun to make them with your kids!! I would also include little love messages that will come out when they are in the bath together!!

    Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

    • 1 part citric acid
    • 2 parts baking soda
    • Witch hazel
    • Coloring of your choice
    • Fragrance oil of your choice
    • Heart Shaped Mold

    BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND the citric acid and baking soda – this step is super important – if you don’t blend well, you end up with a grainy bomb. We actually use a mixer on our larger batches.

    Once you’ve blended really well, add your colorant. Dry pigments or a specialty bath fizzy colorant like La Bombes work best – don’t add too much though – the color shows up once you add the witch hazel.

    Add fragrance oils to your personal nose preference.

    Now, this is the difficult part. Spritz (with a squirt bottle) the witch hazel onto your batch while stirring with the other hand. When your batch sticks together when squished, you need to start putting it in molds – time is of the essence. If you wait too long, the mixture will get hard. If you spritz too much, the mixture will be too wet and “grow” (start the fizzing reaction) on you.

    Put the bombs in molds – wait a few minutes and tap them out. Let them air dry for 3 or 4 hours and voila! Wonderful, hard bath bombs. The harder you pack the bath bombs, the more dense, heavy, and durable bomb you will get.

  3. Those are soooo cute! What a great idea! You are so awesome and creative.

  4. Wow!! Thank you so much for posting that recipe! Now you got me going and I am definitely going to try these. I really love the idea of putting a little message inside. Perfect! I will let you know how it goes. So basically , spritz the witch hazel and then STOP when it starts to be able to hold together and don't over spritz, right? I hope I get it right! Thanks again for the recipe, I really appreciate it!

  5. love the footballs!

  6. cute! I love them!

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