Sunday, February 22, 2009


My Girlfriends and I had a super fun time this weekend at a Risotto cooking class we took at a local restaurant in Newport Beach. We had so much learning how to try and make this very difficult and delicious food! For all of you who watch the show "Hell's Kitchen" I am sure that you know how popular this dish is on their cooking show....and I could not wait to learn how!

We learned how to make three wonderfully Delicious Risotto's! We learned how to make a chicken, vegetable and seafood! When we were all done we enjoyed eating our delicious food and enjoying each other's company!

My favorite!! The vegetable!! It was delicious!! Here is a link to the closest version of the vegetable Risotto!

We hope you have fun trying to make this delicious Italian staple food! It is also a favorite with children!!


Seafood Risotto...Check out those Fish Eyes!!

Enjoying the Delicious Chicken Risotto!!


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