Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well....I knew this would happen to one of my kids eventually and last week it did!!

I took Ella to the doctor's office to get her Kindergarten shots. They were both enjoying a yummy lollipop when I put them into their car seats. After shots I love to take the kids for a yummy ice cream cone to make the ouch feel better. Well, Tyler was walking around the ice cream shop when I realized that his lollipop was stuck in his cute blonde hair!! I tried to untangle it, but it was too sticky and officially stuck!!

He was having a blast walking around showing everyone his stuck lollipop. It took a lot of soaking it to finally get it out, and I wrapped it in plastic to save in his baby book!
Enjoy the pictures!!


  1. Too cute! I wonder if a little peanut butter or goo gone would have gotten it out faster.

    Think of how cute it will be to show these pictures at his wedding!!

    Smiles, Donna


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