Sunday, March 1, 2009


FREE Elmo Loves You DVD

Did you know Elmo's Birthday was February 3rd? Celebrate it with Earth's Best and all his friends with a Free Elmo Loves You DVD.

Buy 3 Earth's Best Sesame Street products.
Download a birthday card for your child to decorate for Elmo.
Mail in the 3 UPC codes along with the
redemption form, birthday card, and a check (payable to Earth's Best) for $1.49 shipping and handling.

By ordering the DVD, you will be automatically entered into the Random House Sweepstakes to win a Grand Prize vacation to Sesame Place or one of twenty-five First Prize Earth's Best Gift packs

FREE Sesame Street Happy Healthy Monsters Book

Teach your child healthy habits that will last a lifetime—fromstarting the day with a good breakfast to the importance of bedtime.The best part is these stories feature your child's favorite characters.Get your free book by mailing in 2 UPC's from Earth's Best Sesame Street Products, plus $.99 shipping and handling.*
Click here for more details.
*Exact title subject to availability.


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