Monday, March 9, 2009


Here is a wonderful developmental skills checklist that you can use to records and assess your child's progress as they go into Kindergarten. I used this checklist when I was a teacher and I would record the dates next to the skills after the child mastered it!

Basic Skills:

  • Names Basic Colors

  • Names Simple Shapes

  • Identifies Opposites

  • Understands positional concepts

  • Names days of the week in order

Reading Readiness

  • Follows multiple-step directions

  • Recited the alphabet

  • Identifies uppercase letters in random order

  • Identifies lowercase letters in random order

  • Matches uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Identifies sounds made by letters

  • Identifies characters in stories

  • Can retell a story

  • Identifies problem/solution in a story

  • Reads color words

  • Reads some words by sight

Math Skills

  • Counts objects to 20

  • Writes numbers to 20

  • Identifies numbers to 20 in random order

  • Counts by 10's to 100

  • Uses ordinal numbers

  • Reads a graph

  • Identifies and continues established patterns

Writing Skills

  • Dictates a sentence about a picture

  • Writes from left to right

  • leaves spaces between words

  • Writes some words independently

  • Writes own sentences using sounds

  • Uses punctuation in sentences

Small Motor Skills

  • Colors within the lines

  • Draws shapes

  • Holds a pencil

  • Prints letters and numbers

  • Cuts a line with scissors


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