Saturday, March 14, 2009


We all know that taking your children to the grocery store can be a challenging experience...especially with three! Here are some ideas that I use to make my grocery shopping trip with my kids a learning adventure!

  • Ask your child to count the number of items on your grocery list, the number of people in line, or the number of items in your shopping cart
  • Encourage your child to compare items by size, shape and color. For example: ask your child which item in your cart is the biggest.
  • Have your child identify the beginning letter of each item
  • Ask your child to pronounce the beginning sound of each item. Then ask your child to think of another word that begins with that letter
  • At home, have your child group the items in different ways. For instance, he or she can group items by color, beginning letter sound, price, or where they are stored (refrigerator, cupboard, freezer, etc.)

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