Saturday, April 11, 2009


Most Children are excited to associate the Easter Bunny, candy, and eggs to the Easter holiday; but let's pray that they might learn the real reason for Easter. To help your family begin some traditions that help keep Jesus and His resurrection in the center of your celebration include some resurrection eggs in your egg hunt!

These are a dozen plastic eggs in a carton filled with items that help tell the true Easter story. You can use these as part of your Easter celebration by hiding them on Easter Sunday and open them in order as you talk about the first Easter for a family devotional time. You can purchase them at a Christian Book Distributors (, or you can do what I like to do and make them yourself!!

  1. Gray fleece or a tiny donkey to represent the donkey borrowed by Jesus' disciples in Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday. (Matthew 21:2-5)
  2. Palm branch or a doll's coat to represent the reaction of the crowd in Jerusalem. (Matthew 26: 8-11)
  3. Three silver coins or 20 dimes to represent Judas' payment for his betrayal. (Matthew 26: 14-15)
  4. A strip of terry cloth fabric to represent the towel Jesus wore as he washed the disciples' feet. (John 13: 4-11)
  5. A miniature cup or a broken piece of matzo to represent the Last Supper. (Matthew 26: 17-29)
  6. A rooster figure or feather to represent Peter's denials. (Luke 22:61)
  7. A leather strip to represent when Jesus was beaten. (John 19:1)
  8. Thorns or piece of rose bush to represent the crown of thorns Jesus wore. (Matthew 27:29)
  9. A cross or two sticks to represent the cross Jesus carried and was crucified on (John 19: 16-22)
  10. Three nails to represent how Jesus was nailed to the cross (John 19:16-22)
  11. Gauze or strips of muslin to represent Jesus' grave clothes. (Matthew 27:57-61)
  12. Empty egg to represent the empty tomb. (Matthew 28:5-8)

Together your family can decorate an egg carton to hold your Resurrection Egg set!

We also love to follow-up with our favorite Easter book that goes along perfect with the resurrection eggs: Benjamin Box by Melody Carlson


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