Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ok. So this is something I will never ever get used to! I cry every time, because the fact that we have no control over what might happen terrifies me! It has been at least a year since our last earthquake and I was so lucky to be in Boston with the kids visiting my sister at the time. The earthquake felt like a huge truck slammed into the side of our house! I immediately ran upstairs to my crying babies...stepping in glass and not even feeling....the cuts on the bottoms of my feet. Ella said, "I thought there was a giant snake under my bed trying to eat me!" The news has said that we have had two after shocks of 3.0, but we have not felt anything yet!

The kids made these video's for their grandparents before they got a chance to talk to them on the phone. They are really sweet and though you would like to see them!



  1. Oh the kiddos are so cute to be able to talk about the earthquake. So glad everyone is ok.. Was just watching it on the news. Take Care.

  2. earthquakes are scary, hope your feet didn't get cut up too badly on the glass.


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