Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Recently I was so lucky to sample and review the wonderful products at Vital Earth Traditions! I immediately fell in love with her products and of course so did my daughter Ella! She seems to not be willing to share their vanilla body cream!! Their products are so natural, light and smell so beautiful. My favorite products are their Vanilla Bean Whipped Body Butter and their Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Cream!

The owner of the company was able to help map out some natural remedies to help with my son Andrew's ADHD. She gave me an extensive phone interview loaded with tons of valuable advice that has proven to help him so much! She is truly dedicated to helping her customers!

Vital Earth Traditions is a Herbal and Aromatic Company created by Kelly Lynch Ring. They offer a wide range of personal care products and home cleaning supplies . They offer classes in making natural home cleaning supplies, Aromatherapy classes and More.

Their products are made with fresh local organic ingredients as they are available. They are constantly on the search for quality ingredients for our products to bring you the most excellent product possible. Their products contain no harmful chemicals. Some of their fragrances contain a high quality fragrance oil to achieve a specific scent.

Products can be called organic even with a small amount of chemical in them. Their products do not contain chemical however, THEIR PRODUCTS ARE NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC and cannot be called "Organic".

Take 1O% Off your entire order now through August 15th, 2009.
Use Promotional Code
To Receive Your Discount

You can enter to win one of their most popular products: Bitch Balance Butter!

Giveaway will run from July 1st- July 20th

Bitch Balance Butter is a whipped body butter with a soothing Rose Geranium scent for those female moments. This product is the result of my daughters first "Cat Fight" and 3 separate calming recipes thrown together during that "Cat Fight". Her oldest daughter named this product as a tribute to that event. Bitch Balance Butter is made with many herbs and essential oils historically known to help support symptoms of the female menstrual cycle. They make no claims regarding to this product. To read what happy customers have to say about their product go to and check out the testimonials. They hope this product helps soothe those female edges of your life as well!

To Enter to win:

Visit Vital Earth Traditions Website and tell us your favorite product and why!

For Extra entries:

Follow our Blog

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Or Tweet about this giveaway!

Monday, June 29, 2009


I am so excited because I got a stack of the great coupons that are so hard to find! They are good for one free child admission with one paid adult admission. LegoLand is one of my kids favorite summer outings and now they have the new SeaLife Aquarium right next door! Living right in the heart of Southern California I have access to amazing offers at our local amusement parks! I am happy to share them with all my wonderful readers!

I have 14 LegoLand Coupons and 7 SeaLife Coupons!
Expire on April 30, 2010

These are free for first come first serve!

Recently I have been having lots of requests for free coupons that I have been giving away and it is starting to cost me a small fortune in postage. The only thing I ask is that you pay for the stamp and the envelope to mail these to you! I have a paypal checkout link below in this posting that you can check-out the cost of the stamp and envelope
(.70 and after paypal fee = cost of stamp)!

Thank you so much

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last week the kids and I dug up some grass in the backyard and planted some vegetables! This was one of the most closest bonding activities that I have done recently with the kids, and we all had so much fun! They were helping with the digging, singing to the plants and going a little crazy with the watering hose. They have been watering it everyday and cannot wait for it to bear fruit! We planted two types of tomatoes! Ella wanted the Early Girl tomatoes and Andrew wanted the Supersteak! Ella planted Bell Peppers and Andrew planted Egg Plant!

Ps. The Kids must of been so proud of this garden, because I found this picture on my camera. Andrew must of taken it outside and took this picture with his sister! That made it even cuter to me!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Well it was the first week of summer, and in tradition one of my kids always seems to get hurt! On Monday Tyler was at my neighbor's house. She accidentally broke a glass and the first thing Tyler did was pick-up a piece of the broken glass. Her teenage daughter came over to get me and said, "Tyler got a little cut and you might want to come and see it.". So I walk over and open the door to hear the mother screaming and covered in blood! It was not little!! We spent about 6 hours in the ER and 10 stitches in the hand!

Tyler suffers from Neutropenia. It is a disease where he does not produce white bloods cells that fight off colds, flu's and infections. If he comes close to someone sick he will catch it and get it 10x worse. So, it was not surprise that after our trip to the ER for stitches that he quickly got ill. Due to his disease whenever he get a fever he has to be hospitalized and monitored closely. We spent all day yesterday again in the hospital pumping him full of steroids and antibiotics! We came home at 4am and then they wanted us back at the doctors to re-check him at 9am and re-checked everyday for 5 days!

The blessing has been that Andrew and Ella have had vacation Bible school all week, so they have had lots of playtime! Tyler has been such a trooper! Hopefully, he will start to feel better soon!!
Tyler in the ER with his flu
Tyler in the ER not wanting to get stitches

Tyler's hand after his stitches

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Kathleen Walck from Katydid and Kid!!! Congratulations!!!


It was a hard decision to pick our winner with everyone making such wonderful postings about our company and getting lots of comments on their blogs! We had to send our final decision to a third party to help us vote..... and the final vote came in for Katydid and Kid!

We picked her to represent our company at Blogher '09 because of her creativity in her post! We are a company that thrives on creativity and we loved the creativity she showed in her posting!

She took extra time to make a photo shop picture of our company that everyone in the company loved!! She then took the time to inquire about doing a review of our products and produced some wonderful pictures of her son playing with our felt stories! She went as far as to give the company permission to use them on our website! She took such an active interest in our company and our products that we are happy to have her as our winner!!

Congratulations Kathleen....We hope you have a wonderful time at Blogher '09!!

Thank you to all the wonderful Blogger's who participated in our giveaway!
We wish that we could of made you all winners!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Andrew, Ella and Tyler made up this super cute song for Daddy on Father's Day!
We hope that everyone had a wonderful day with their Father's and Husbands!

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Katydid and Kid has just recently done a review of our "Where the Wild Things Are" felt board story! She did an amazing review capturing some of the cutest pictures of her son playing with our felt stories!! This one is one of my favorites....

Make sure and stop by Katydid and Kid and enter to win some Glitterful Felt Stories By June 25th!!


Well...I have never had so much trouble finding a winner for a giveaway!! The only rule to this giveaway was that you needed to be a follower or follow our blog! This was a giveaway to thank all our wonderful readers!

The first number drawn was 14 (erma said...
I would love the chance to win,
May 28, 2009 5:48 AM ) .... But the winner was disqualified because she was not a follower of the blog!

The second number drawn was 23 (Kimbert said...
Yay! I am a follower. Thanks for great sweepstakes :)
May 30, 2009 1:43 PM )....But again the winner was disqualified because she too was not a follower!

The third and final number was 2! (Tammy said...
I'm following!
May 12, 2009 9:28 AM ).....Hooray...she was a follower and our final winner!!

Congratulations Tammy!!

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Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

This was so cute I thought you would enjoy watching!!


We were so lucky to have a wonderful Parent educator write this article just for our Glitterful Felt Stories readers...Thank you so much Carole Disseldorp from Easier Parenting!!

The value of reading to our children

When my 3rd child was little he kept bringing story books to me to read to him. We both got a lot out of this. I was able to sit down and have a rest and cuddle my gorgeous son. He was able to get something he wanted – a story and a big long hug. I did get a bit tired of re-reading books so I made a rule that I would only read a particular book once a day and we also visited the library regularly for some more books. There are so many incredibly attractive and fascinating books out there for our children and ourselves. Children now have the added ability to lift flaps in books, play with some in the bath, feel different textures and more. Stories can be funny, interesting, motivating, rhythmical, artistic, informative and scary.

During story time, our children are listening to much valuable vocabulary, intonation, changes in volume, grammar and sentence structure. When we ask them what is going to happen next they practise expressing themselves and using the language they have acquired. We can ask them a question about the story so far to check that they are comprehending the text. They are motivated to listen carefully and to make a comment. They gradually learn to match the written word with the spoken word and to pronounce words correctly. A lot of interesting information about the world can be learned from books and stories. There are many books published in different languages which provide a great opportunity for our children to be introduced to other dialects and cultures.

Children and parents can gain much pleasure and satisfaction sharing books. It is an easy way for parents/carers to give attention and affection to their children; to soothe them and help them to feel loved and special. Children can feel a sense of empowerment by turning pages, lifting flaps and choosing books. They can receive one on one time or learn to share with a sibling or friend. Feelings, thoughts, observations, experiences and opinions can all be brought to the surface during reading sessions. We will be able to gradually learn what our children’s interests and talents are.

By reading to our children, we are fostering curiosity, imagination and creativity and increasing the chance of academic success and positive life experiences. Our children will love to find different things in the illustrations which improves their figure ground perception. Their brains will be stimulated with book reading; their focus and attention span will develop and they will be motivated to learn to read on their own. They will also be inspired to follow their particular interests.

Added benefits of reading to our loved ones are that we can teach them appropriate and safe behaviour in an interesting way and give them a taste of different cultures and forms of art. They can appreciate photographs, drawings, cartoons, abstract and realistic paintings, and many other types of art.

Reading is extremely valuable and satisfying for our children and ourselves and can be incorporated as part of our daily routine. Children particularly benefit by having a story or 2 at bedtime and will willingly do all the necessary tasks in order to hear stories before their parents/carers leave them to drift off to sleep.

It is worth noting that our children will be far more likely to read books on their own in later years if they can see their parents/carers gaining enjoyment from the written word.

Carole Disseldorp is a Parent Educator who has had 32 years experience working with children and parents. She has 4 grown children. She has worked as a Primary Teacher for over 5.5 years, a full-time, Stay-at-home Mum for 16 years, a Parent Educator for 3 years, a Childcare Worker for 4 years and a Nanny for 2.5 years. She cares deeply for the well-being of all children and parents, and knows highly effective ways to raise children and adolescents so that they become happy, confident, caring, self-disciplined, independent, stable, well-mannered, competent and successful people. She is also the Director of Easier Parenting -

Thank you so much Carole for writing this wonderful and Informative article!
~Glitterful Felt Stories

Blogher '09 Scholarship Winner.....

We will be announcing the winner of our Blogher '09 Scholarship soon!!


I cannot believe that Ella is already 5 and ready for Kindergarten!! She just graduated from preschool last week and here are some pictures from her graduation ceremony!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Felt Stories encourage imagination in young children and I am always looking for other company's that share our same passion! I have recently found an amazing company that creates high quality Dress-Up clothes for young children!

Dress Ups is the brain child of two women (Liza & Lyn) who have a mutual dream to allow the children, and grandchildren, of today to enter the world of make believe. They wish for all little people to experience the wholesome innocence of generations past!

My favorite Dress-up costume that they make is the "Wild Animal Head and Tail Set." I can just image Tyler running around the yard with his imaginative juices running through his body as he believes that he really is a Wild Animal!! Or my princess Ella dressed up as a chef while she helps me cook dinner every night! They have Dress-up clothes for every occasion! From Doctors to Super Hero's to Mermaid!! The Imagination is endless with Dress-Up kids!

One of my favorite parts of the company is that they take donations! Donations you ask? Yes!Dress Ups has pledged to Donate on your behalf the Dr and Nurse Dress Ups sets to Children's hospital Wards Australia Wide. You can purchase – at a discounted price - one or as many sets as you like. They will personally take the costume and deliver it to a sick child on your behalf!! Their company does this out of the goodness of their heart to help make sick children happy!

Their costumes are all made the best way.....Handmade!

Encourage growth in your child's imagination today and visit Dress-Ups!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ella is one of 30 finalist for itoriginals spokesperson! They are going to have voting for the best model at two locations! If you live locally, please stop by and vote for Ella!!

You can view Ella and the other model's on the photographers website!

Fairytales Monarch Beach
Monarch Bay Plaza
32880 Pacific Coast Hwy., #33
Dana Point, CA 92629

Talega Village Center
831 Via Suerte, #105
San Clemente, CA 92673

Monday, June 15, 2009


We have been spending months designing a new felt board that is portable and great for travel! We have officially designed it and our attorney's have patented the design for us!

We can custom make this style into any size that you would like, but most of our in-stock inventory is going to be in a table top size. Some of our future inventory will come with vinyl backing on the fabric to help keep the fabric clean from messy hands!

The felt boards have fabric on one side and high quality felt on the other. You can roll it up and tie it with the sewn in ribbons.

These boards are perfect for dinner time, at a restaurant or long car rides! It is placemat size, so you can put your felt pieces into the board....roll it up....tie it.....and un-roll it on the restaurant table for your child's entertainment!
They also fit perfectly on a child's lap for cars or airplane rides!

This is a must have for all travel activities with children!

They are reasonably priced at $10.00 for fabric $12.00 for vinyl covering

You can purchase them online at Glitterful Felt Stories!

We will be introducing a new fabric design each week!

Yes! We also take special order requests!

Glitterful Felt Stories New Patented Folding Portable Felt Boards

Opened with the felt side showing (our cowboy print)

The fabric side of our bright floral print

Child playing with the felt board while waiting for dinner!

This design and style has been patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office Under Patent # US 61/183.623This design cannot be reproduced and sold by anyone other than Glitterful Felt Stories under the US Patent Laws!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We have been waiting and it officially came in the mail! We have designed an amazing travel portable felt board and to protect our design we had it patented! It was a rigorous and expensive process that took almost three months....but today it is official and our certificate came in the mail! We will be selling and featuring our new Travel Felt Boards at the beginning of the week!!
Glitterful Felt Stories with our new patent for our travel/portable felt boards US patent #US 61/183.623

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Granola Bites

3/4 cup light brown sugar (organic)
1/2 cup milk-free margarine
2 cups quick oats
1 tsp. baking powder (Hain Gluten and corn free)

Preheat oven to 350°. Grease 8-inch pan; set aside. In medium saucepan, over medium-low heat, combine brown sugar and margarine, stirring until margarine is melted. Remove from heat and stir in oats and baking powder. Stir until well mixed. Spread mixture evenly in prepared pan, pressing down with back of spoon. Bake 18 minutes, or until golden. The center will be soft. Cool on a wire rack. Cut into bite-size squares.

Note: If you wish, stir in raisins or other dried fruit along with the oats.

(Pure oats are a grain that is separate from wheat, so oats are wheat free.)

A perfect snack recipe for children with Wheat, Corn, Soy, Rice, Nuts & Bean allergies!


* Capture a memorable photo of your child enjoying Piccolini Pasta

* Fill out the form and upload your photo

*Grand prize is $25,000.
*Ten first prize winners will win $1,000 dollars!

*100 second prize winners will receive a digital picture frame!

Deadline to enter is June 28, 2009!

Although my children cannot eat this pasta anymore because of Andrew's wheat allergy, this used to be one of our favorite pasta brands! I wanted to make sure and share this contest so everyone can enter their cute little pasta eating kiddos!


In my research for Rice, Wheat and Corn free pasta Quinoa pasta kept coming up. There is a large company called Quinoa that makes pasta only it comes with Quinoa flour and corn flour.

Quinoa pasta is an entire family of pasta made from quinoa instead of the traditional ingredient of wheat. Quinoa pasta has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years, as people begin using it for health reasons, and as incidences of celiac disease become higher and more commonly diagnosed.

Quinoa is a plant with its origins in the Andes of South America. It is not a grass, and therefore not a true cereal in the way wheat or rice is. The seeds are collected and eaten like a grain, and it is probably most similar to amaranth, in terms of large-production food crops.

Additionally, quinoa pasta has no gluten in it, and so is a wonderful alternative for people who are gluten intolerant or have celiac. For many people, pasta is a cornerstone of their diet, and when they are diagnosed with celiac disease, or discover they can’t eat wheat for other reasons, it seems as though pasta will have to be eliminated entirely. Quinoa pasta offers an alternative to cutting pasta out, and as well as being suitable for celiac sufferers, it is healthier in many ways than traditional wheat pasta.

*I was able to find one product of Quinoa pasta without corn. They used Kamut wheat instead which is supposed to be tolerated by people with wheat allergies. *

Research by the IFAA (International Food Allergy Association) concludes as follows: "For most people who are hypersensitive to wheat, Kamut wheat can be an excellent substitute for common wheat". Dr. Eileen Yoder, president of the IFAA, along with a team of independent scientists and doctors, arrived at this conclusion after their study with two groups of people, those with an immediate immune reaction and those with a delayed immune reaction. In this last group, 70 percent showed an increased sensitivity to common wheat than Kamut wheat. In the first group -- people with serious allergies -- 70 percent did not react, or did react very slightly, with Kamut wheat. However, serious allergy sufferers should always consult their doctor first. Kamut brand grain has become The Wheat You Can Eat!All EDEN Organic Pasta is packaged in boxes made from recycled and recyclable paperboard, one of the most environmentally friendly packages available. According to the 100 percent Recycled Paperboard Alliance (, "Fourteen trees are saved for each ton of paperboard converted to 100 percent recycled paperboard. Trees are critical to the sequestration of CO2 (a greenhouse gas) in North America. For each ton of paperboard converted to 100 percent recycled paperboard, an equal amount of recovered fiber has been diverted from municipal landfills. Production of 100 percent recycled paperboard uses 50 percent less energy compared to virgin grades of paperboard, thus significantly reducing the greenhouse gases released into the environment."


Andrew had been complaining about stomach aches and headaches for quite some time. Four weeks ago I took him to a great allergy doctor who tested him for allergies. We already knew from previous anaphylaxis attacks that Andrew was allergic to nuts, beans and soy. When the doctor testing him this time the list was much larger. He tested positive to:

  • Nuts, Peanuts and Tree Nuts
  • Soy
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Strawberries
  • Corn
  • Carrots
  • Rice
  • Corn (including Corn Syrup and Cornmeal)

The idea of trying to find foods without corn syrup in it was a huge challenge! Almost everything has corn syrup in it. I had to begin the process of making all his foods from scratch! Even breads, soups, pasta sauces, everything. After two weeks of hard work and great cooking for Andrew I started to notice a difference in how he was feeling and behaving. Andrew also suffers from ADHD, and I began to think that maybe the ADHD was a misdiagnosis. If I can get the allergies under control the symptoms of the ADHD might disappear?

We went yesterday for our four week re-testing with the allergy doctor. He was shocked at how good I had been cooking for Andrew and the amount of work that I have invested into his diet. But, he was sad to tell me that when he tested him this time he came up positive for wheat and egg now too!! That leaves the amount of food for him to be very limited. But, I was excited because maybe if I remove these last two foods from his diet the ADHD symptoms might disappear all together! I am hopeful and I am going to do everything in my power to heal Andrew's ADHD naturally!!

I have begun the quest to find some wheat free recipes, and have not had much luck! I decided that maybe I should start blogging about my quest to find food recipes that are wheat free but also rice and corn free! So far I have not yet found a wheat free recipe that does not substitute for rice or corn flour.

I will keep you updated with what I can find!!

Please if you have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hi friends!

Sorry I have not been blogging for a couple of days, but it has been a busy couple of days! It is the kids last days of school, so we have been going from event to event! Plus working, kids, cooking, cleaning..... phew!

Well! The most exciting news that I have to share is that we are taking in a foster child from Taiwan this summer!! Yes!! A foster child....well temporary foster child!!! I cannot believe it myself, but Steve and I prayed about it and found it to be the best thing for us to do!

The agency that helped us with the adoption of Andrew and Ella hosts a summer tour every year. For the summer tour they usually bring about 12 children from Russian orphanages to America in search of finding a family willing to adopt them. They go to many events looking families who are wanting to adopt. This year they are bringing children out from Taiwan.

They were needing families this year that have been state licensed with a homestudy. (a very involved background check with massive counseling to make sure you are a loving family to accept an adopted child into your home) Since we have been licensed twice for Andrew and Ella they inquired about us taking a child in this summer.

We went back and forth and prayed hard about our decision. Finally, Steve came to me yesterday and said, "I really want to take one of the children into our home this summer and care for him and show him how wonderful American is." My heart melted and I immediately got super excited!

So for the month of July we will have a seven year old boy from Taiwan staying with us! The kids and I went to the bookstore tonight and got some tapes on Mandarin to help us with the basic, "hi." He arrives into our loving arms on July 8th! Our hope is that he finds a wonderful family willing to adopt him and love and care for him his whole life through!

We'll blog some photo's of him when he gets here!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Glitterful Felt Stories

We only have FIVE entries for our Blogher '09 Scholarship!!

Make sure and enter now to win!! The Giveaway is open until June 20th!!

Good Luck!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


After I put Tyler in the car, this is what he decided to do with his stickers!! It was so cute I had to share it right away!!
Happy Smiles!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Paige S. is in many ways a typical small-town teen, but last summer she had one very extraordinary adventure. Paige made a music video to Jonas Brothers' "Burnin' Up" and entered it in's U Rock the Summer sweepstakes. Her entry was selected out of thousands of hopefuls and before she knew it, she, her parents, and best buddy were whisked to Hollywood, California, for a private concert with Jonas Brothers and a chance to meet Nick, Joe and Kevin afterward.

Now is offering another chance to rock the summer with U Rock 2 – starting this week, rockers of all ages can download song clips from Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, Mitchel Musso, and Steve Rushton, make their own videos, and upload them for the chance to win the ultimate Disney Rock Star Experience -- including a trip to Los Angeles, going to the Radio Disney studio for an artist's Take Over, attending the taping of a Disney Channel show, and more! So, we know you're wondering -- do people really win those contests? Just ask Paige!

"You never think that people actually win, especially people who come from small towns like where I live," she tells us. "I got an e-mail telling me that I was the 'potential winner,' and the fact that it said 'potential' made my whole family skeptical about it. So we called, and they said that it was real and that I won! It was really exciting."

Winning was exciting, but claiming the prize itself was the real thrill. Paige got to meet the members of her favorite band – something she never dreamed would happen to her. After a quick flight to California – as Paige's first time in an airplane, that was exciting in and of itself – Paige and her party were introduced to Jonas Brothers. "I was really nervous the whole time! But they were really nice people, and that made it better, that they were so nice to me," she says. And the brothers had a special surprise for her. "I thought it was really cool that they sang 'Happy Birthday' to me! It was the day before my birthday." You can see a video of the brothers serenading Paige on the Video page.

Months later, Paige's life is back to normal, but she still has her memories and the admiration of her friends. And is she going to make another U Rock video and try her luck? It's a no-brainer! "I'm definitely going to enter again this year!" she laughs.

This year, one of the lucky winners could be you, or a special kid in your life. Would-be rockers simply need to go to, download a song clip and some cool graphics, create a video masterpiece and then upload it by July 12. Then keep your fingers crossed – because when U Rock, anything can happen! Contest finalists will be announced on July 17 and winners chosen by the community will be announced on August 7. Winners will be chosen in five special categories, from Mega Pipes to Aww-some, for the cutest contestants.


Eight lucky families will win an amazing opportunity to cruise in style and mingle with the stars on a Disney Channel Summer at Sea cruise on Disney Cruise line.
Make sure and click on the image to enter today!
Good Luck!!



The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Bugaboo Bee Strollers

Units: About 22,500

Distributor: Bugaboo North America Inc., of Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Manufacturer: Bugaboo Design & Sales, B.V., of the Netherlands

Hazard: One or both sides of the brakes can fail, causing a stroller to unexpectedly roll away on an incline. This can pose a risk of injury to the child occupant.

Incidents/Injuries: Bugaboo has received 121 reports of the stroller’s brakes failing. No injuries have been reported.

Description: Bugaboo Bee strollers have item code 580210 on a label on the back of the seat and item code 50100 on a label on the plastic support under the seat. The strollers were sold in blue, dark khaki, pink, red, yellow, and black. “bugaboo® bee” is printed on the left side of the seat.

Sold at: Juvenile product retailers nationwide and on various Web sites from August 2007 through April 2009 for about $530.

Manufactured in: Taiwan

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the strollers immediately and contact Bugaboo to receive a free repair kit. To order the bracket kit, go to and fill in the special order form or contact Bugaboo customer service.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Bugaboo at (800) 460-2922 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, visit the firm’s Web site at, or email the firm at


With all my time spent at McDonald's yesterday I was able to find out about a great SeaWorld offer!
Adults for $49.95 and Kids $39.95
(Save over $15.00 on single-day admission)
Use promo code: SWCMcDonaldsLA09
Offer valid 6/1/09-9/30/09

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, this afternoon proved to be more eventful than I had planned. My girlfriend and I decided to take our little kids to a local McDonald's to run around and burn some energy off. While eating lunch a bank robbery was happening at the bank right across the street!! Police lights start coming and yellow tape starts going up....we are like "what is going on?"...."grab the kids!". We soon learned that the robbers were gone in a flash and we were all safe. The streets were closed due to the large bag of CASH that one robber had dropped in the middle of the street. We were lucky to be held up in a McDonald's until they re-opened the streets....we got to enjoy lots of burgers, sodas, and apple pies! (Maybe a little more than we should!)
Thankful that we are all safe!

Yep...There is the McDonald's where we were watching all the action

Picture from inside the McDonald's with my cellphone.

The bag of cash that was in the street. My friend and I were trying to figure out what it looked like a dead animal....but we soon found out it was $$$.

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