Thursday, June 18, 2009


Felt Stories encourage imagination in young children and I am always looking for other company's that share our same passion! I have recently found an amazing company that creates high quality Dress-Up clothes for young children!

Dress Ups is the brain child of two women (Liza & Lyn) who have a mutual dream to allow the children, and grandchildren, of today to enter the world of make believe. They wish for all little people to experience the wholesome innocence of generations past!

My favorite Dress-up costume that they make is the "Wild Animal Head and Tail Set." I can just image Tyler running around the yard with his imaginative juices running through his body as he believes that he really is a Wild Animal!! Or my princess Ella dressed up as a chef while she helps me cook dinner every night! They have Dress-up clothes for every occasion! From Doctors to Super Hero's to Mermaid!! The Imagination is endless with Dress-Up kids!

One of my favorite parts of the company is that they take donations! Donations you ask? Yes!Dress Ups has pledged to Donate on your behalf the Dr and Nurse Dress Ups sets to Children's hospital Wards Australia Wide. You can purchase – at a discounted price - one or as many sets as you like. They will personally take the costume and deliver it to a sick child on your behalf!! Their company does this out of the goodness of their heart to help make sick children happy!

Their costumes are all made the best way.....Handmade!

Encourage growth in your child's imagination today and visit Dress-Ups!


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