Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, this afternoon proved to be more eventful than I had planned. My girlfriend and I decided to take our little kids to a local McDonald's to run around and burn some energy off. While eating lunch a bank robbery was happening at the bank right across the street!! Police lights start coming and yellow tape starts going up....we are like "what is going on?"...."grab the kids!". We soon learned that the robbers were gone in a flash and we were all safe. The streets were closed due to the large bag of CASH that one robber had dropped in the middle of the street. We were lucky to be held up in a McDonald's until they re-opened the streets....we got to enjoy lots of burgers, sodas, and apple pies! (Maybe a little more than we should!)
Thankful that we are all safe!

Yep...There is the McDonald's where we were watching all the action

Picture from inside the McDonald's with my cellphone.

The bag of cash that was in the street. My friend and I were trying to figure out what it looked like a dead animal....but we soon found out it was $$$.


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