Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hi friends!

Sorry I have not been blogging for a couple of days, but it has been a busy couple of days! It is the kids last days of school, so we have been going from event to event! Plus working, kids, cooking, cleaning..... phew!

Well! The most exciting news that I have to share is that we are taking in a foster child from Taiwan this summer!! Yes!! A foster child....well temporary foster child!!! I cannot believe it myself, but Steve and I prayed about it and found it to be the best thing for us to do!

The agency that helped us with the adoption of Andrew and Ella hosts a summer tour every year. For the summer tour they usually bring about 12 children from Russian orphanages to America in search of finding a family willing to adopt them. They go to many events looking families who are wanting to adopt. This year they are bringing children out from Taiwan.

They were needing families this year that have been state licensed with a homestudy. (a very involved background check with massive counseling to make sure you are a loving family to accept an adopted child into your home) Since we have been licensed twice for Andrew and Ella they inquired about us taking a child in this summer.

We went back and forth and prayed hard about our decision. Finally, Steve came to me yesterday and said, "I really want to take one of the children into our home this summer and care for him and show him how wonderful American is." My heart melted and I immediately got super excited!

So for the month of July we will have a seven year old boy from Taiwan staying with us! The kids and I went to the bookstore tonight and got some tapes on Mandarin to help us with the basic, "hi." He arrives into our loving arms on July 8th! Our hope is that he finds a wonderful family willing to adopt him and love and care for him his whole life through!

We'll blog some photo's of him when he gets here!

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