Monday, August 31, 2009


We have been working so hard to grow this monster tomato plant and slowly over the past two days we noticed that the top of the bush was shrinking! When we look closer....we found tons of giant tomato eating caterpillars!!
Tyler was so looking forward to making our traditional family pasta sauce with our new tomatoes. He got really upset when he saw some of his favorite creatures taking little bites out of his fruit!
One of our giant caterpillars! Mr. Hermie

To make the best out of the situation we all got to work on picking all the caterpillars off the bush. We put them into our caterpillar cage where we hatched butterflies from last year. We picked over 40 caterpillars off the bush!! We are going to feed them fresh leaves and hopefully get to see them evolve into butterflies!!


  1. They aren't going to turn into butterflies. They will turn into hawk moths that fly at 30 mph! Get rid of them.

  2. Yikes! We learned that the hard way! Wish I had heard from you earlier!! LOL!

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