Monday, September 21, 2009


Due to my son's ADHD condition, six months ago I found myself wanting to try and heal him naturally through his diet. The result was amazing! He no longer has the same degree of symptoms and can function in a regular school environment without medications. My answer to healing him: making all his food's from scratch....if it comes out of a box or package it can't be healthy for you! Most importantly eliminating as much sugar as possible from his diet! I also learned that the word "organic" does not always mean healthy. I had to become an avid label reader. Is it easy? NO! The results....are completely worth it!

I was recently sent these images from a friend and was impressed by the amount of hidden sugar that is in our foods today!


  1. It's unreal how much sugar is in our standard american diets!! So horrible that most of us don't know what REAL food tastes like anymore. Cutting it out of my own diet has increased my fertility and I also notice the difference in my son when he consumes to much of it. The lack of focus and the hyperness really comes out!!

    Good for you for healing your son with nutrition!!! If only more moms would do the same!!

  2. What a great visual! A lot of people just do not get it! I cannot believe the amount of children walking around drinking soda or how many parents think that giving their child juice all the time is good for them! The amount of sugar in both of those is ridiculous! I am so glad you decided to change your son's diet, it truly makes a world of a difference!

    Years ago, I had a student in my pre-k class. She was always bouncing off the walls and was just out of control. Her mother and I worked together and changed her diet. I know it must have been a huge transition at home to go from sugary breakfast to a healthy, whole some one, not to mention all the other meals and snacks. It is amazing how well it worked! She turned into a calm, well behaved child that was able to concentrate on her tasks!

    Thanks for sharing this!


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