Thursday, September 10, 2009


As I blog about quite frequently, my son Andrew has severe food allergies. He has suffered from anaphylaxis reactions in the past and just recently had a reaction in July '09. Due to the amount and severity of his reactions the school district is requiring him to wear his epi-pen on him while at school. This way if he has a reaction there will be no question as to where to find it, because you usually have less than 2 minutes to administer it.

He really wanted to make a trainer video to show everyone how to use the epi-pen. He has been being trained frequently since he was little, although during a reaction he would have no ability to actually administer it to himself with the lack of oxygen. Here is his video! I hope that you like it!


  1. First of all, he is absolutely adorable! That was so cute! I love that he wants to educate other people about the epi-pen. When I was Child Development Supervisor at our local school district, we had students with allergies and every person who works around those students were mandated to have training on the epi-pen. If they were not trained, the student could not be supervised by them. Having the pen so quickly is the hard part. Someone running to one side of the campus to get the pen and getting back to the student can take 2 minutes!

  2. THis was a great post my son also has severe allergies learning to use an epipen was hard but doable


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