Monday, September 14, 2009

Language Experiences in Early Childhood Education

A language experience approach to reading is considered a natural program for early childhood education for the following reasons:

*It provides a sound and positive foundation for early learning experiences.

*It creates a context for self-development through direct experiences that are familiar and important to the learner

*It fosters affective and cognitive development by permitting the learner to experience himself while he is discovering important things about learning.

*It permits each learner to progress in his or her own way, at his or her own rate.

*It promotes self-expression experiences as an integral part of the communication process.

*It facilitates a sense of togetherness between adults and children

*It draws on the existing resources and talents of adults and children

*It costs little and contributes significantly to early development

*It makes reading a meaningful and purposeful experience for young children


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