Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Pictures

I only wish that my camera on my cell phone had taken this picture a little more clearly. The child in the back seat of this car was not belted in his car seat! He was jumping all over this car and could not of been more than 2!! You can see him grabbing onto the open window!! (He could of jumped out!) The scary thing was that people were honking at this woman...pointing to her showing her child was not buckled in....and she just laughed and waved!! Shocking!!


  1. I just saw the same thing yesterday! Infuriating! I am now following from MBC followers club!

  2. Some people just don't get it. Parents like this make me so upset.

  3. Whoa! I once saw a woman go into a government office and leave her two little kids (both under 3) in the back of her truck while she went inside. It was a hot July day.

    I waited by her truck until she came out (20 minutes later!)

    I wanted to call the police but my husband wouldn't let me. Grrr... When she got out, I told her what she did was wrong and the kids could have been hurt or killed. She told me to mind my own business. Yep!

    Anyhoo. I'm following from the MBC. Please come visit me at

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