Wednesday, December 23, 2009


All the preparations for this year are in place! Come back each day to to receive updates from the North Pole and to discover new surprises in the Kids' Countdown Village! You can track where he is in the world with your children by using this fun website!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


One of our favorite things to do is to make Gingerbread Man houses! This year I made it easy! The kids never end up eating the gingerbread, so this year I used a glue gun to glue the pieces together! It was the best!! No roof collapsing while the kids are trying to decorate!!
I also love to recycle things! So, I saved some candy from Halloween and we used it to decorate the house instead of buying new candy!

The final product!

Irvine Park Railroad Santa Train

It is a tradition that we have been doing since Andrew was first born...going on the Santa train at Irvine Park! It is something that the kids look forward to every year. Freezing in the Southern California evening on a cute train that takes you to the North Pole to see Santa!
Tyler loves his "candy candy!"
Ella had to go back for one more Hug!

We take a family picture with this Santa every year! It is my favorite!

Waiting in line to see Santa!

Just boarding the train!

My Little man!

They added some new features to the park this year! They added a Santa's village to keep the kids busy while you wait! They had coloring, games and even story time with Mrs. Claus!

Andrew was working hard on his list to Santa

Tyler loves to color, so this kept him busy for hours!

This picture is priceless! It totally shows Andrew's personality!

Here comes the choo-choo train!

Ella and Andrew. BFF's forever!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Caroling at the Retirement Home

On Friday we took the kids to our local retirement home to do some caroling. The girls next door were having a sleepover, so we decided to talk them into coming too and help spread some holiday cheer with the elderly! We all had a great time together!!
Ella and our neighbor
The elderly were so happy to hear the children sing! They were singing right along with them!

Tyler insisted on having his own book, although he cannot read. When every song changed he would say, "what page are we on now?"

Ella the social butterfly that she is spent a lot of time talking & Andrew was happy to show them his scout uniform

Andrew and I

Friday, December 18, 2009

Crazy Friday Morning

This morning could not of been any crazier!!

Woke up at Andrew dressed, fed & ready for school to start @ 7:45.

Had to wake-up Ella & Tyler to leave for school.

On the way to school Andrew realized that he forgot his book for the book exchange, so after I dropped him off we ran home got the book and went back to school to give it to him.

When I got to his classroom he said, "Mom! I forgot my movie for the movie party!". I said, "what movie party?". Andrew said, "sorry I forgot to tell you."

So, we headed home! Got Andrew a movie and returned back to school. When I came in the classroom Andrew said, "Mom! I forgot my report card!". I said, "what report card?". Andrew said, "sorry Mom!"

So, once again he headed home. Got his report card, signed it and headed back to school. On the way back to the school Ella screams, "Mom!! The puppy just threw up all over Tyler & I!"....."Oh..NO! Now he is pooping on us!" "SCREAMING!"

I drop off the report card. Give Andrew a kiss and head home to clean-up the mess!

I am in the middle of cleaning up the mess when Daddy calls. "Shelby I accidentally wore one brown shoe and one black shoe today. Can you drive up to my office and give me my matching shoe...PLEASE!"

The kids jump back into the car and we head over to daddy's office. After we get to Daddy's office the kids are complaining that they are hungry, so I did what I never do and got them breakfast out.

As we pull into the drive-way my friend calls who knows I have been looking for the Zhu-Zhu pets calls to tell me that they have 300 of them at Toys R Us. She'll wait in the parking lot for me so she can watch the kids...because they will only sell 1 per person.

So we run down to Toys R' Us and I run in and get the Zhu-Zhu (while still in my pj's..LOL!) We rush home and have 5 minutes to get Ella ready for school.(It is almost 10:30 by now!) I get her dressed, lunch packed & we were out the door to the Elementary school again!!

While on the way Ella said, "But mommy I forgot my homework!"

Twitter Follow Friday Link Up List

I have so much fun on Twitter & Friday's are one of the funnest days on Twitter! They have what is called #followfriday !! You follow each other and send out recommendations on your favorite Twitter users!

I thought about mixing it up this week by having a twitter link up here on my blog!! Just enter your twitter URL & follow everyone on the list!! Make sure and stop back and follow back everyone!

Happy Friday!!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A Bicycle is not a toy, It is a child's first vehicle!

Young children leave their homes on bicycles to explore a world where adventures await. Unfortunately, so does danger. Young children are especially at risk in traffic situations because:
  • They expect others to look for them
  • They do not understand complicated traffic situations
  • They overestimate their knowledge and physical strength
  • They focus on one thought at a time
  • They assume that if they see a car, the driver can see them
  • They think that cars can stop instantly
  • They have difficulty estimating the speed a car is travelling
  • They have a field vision one third narrower than adults have
  • They have difficulty determining the direction of sounds

As children grow older they begin to ride on busier streets where cycling demands greater skills to avoid collisions. If children develop safe cycling skills and learn to follow the rules-of-the-road, many collisions can be avoided. Some accidents, however, happen through no fault of the cyclist, and that is why children must be taught to ride defensively and to wear bicycle helmets.

  • 85 % of all head or brain injuries could be avoided if cyclists wore bicycle helmets
  • 85% of all bicycle accidents occur within five blocks of home
  • 47% of all bicycle accidents occur off the road, in driveways and on sidewalks
  • 90% of all accidental deaths to children on bicycles occur when they dart into traffic from a driveway or when they cycle through a stop sign

Traffic laws tell children what rules they must obey when cycling. Traffic laws alone, however, cannot protect them. To be safe they must develop cycling skills and good judgement.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Kodak Gallery had contacted me about a month ago to host a house party on their behalf. I was thrilled at the opportunity since I have been using Kodak Gallery to host all my photo's of my children for the past eight years.

Right away I started to spread the word among all of my Orange Country friends, and the response was overwhelming! I got almost 80 RSVP's!! Right away I got to planning this super fun event to help make it memorable for all my friends.

Kodak was so gracious to donate a set of Holiday cards to our first 15 guests who arrived at the party & one free holiday music CD. After the presentation I raffled off the CD & the winner was thrilled to be able to play beautiful Kodak music in her house this holiday!

Kodak had me order a mug to display at the party. I also purchased another one for Great Grandma's Christmas present. Here are the two sizes!

To top it off they sent hundred's of 40% off coupons for everyone to use towards their next Kodak Gallery purchase. We still have a huge stack left over, so please email me if you would like a code to use towards your next purchase.
We had so much fun laughing together at these sample holiday cards they sent for us to preview. We had a blast thinking about how funny it would be to send these to our friends this Christmas making them wonder who these people are!

Our Kodak Gallery Party Display
Our warm welcome that greeted out guests!

myspace backgrounds images

The True Shining Star of the Party was clearly Vital Earth Traditions!

Vital Earth Traditions is a small company based out of Washington that is run by a wonderful stay-at-home mommy!

It was amazing to see that such a small company could be more generous by providing full size samples of their products to everyone of my that not one party goer left empty handed!

Due to her amazing generosity she has won the business of all my guests. I hope that those of you who where unable to come to my party consider trying her products. They are all made with 100% all natural ingredients & handmade!

To top it off she was willing to extend our private party discount to all the readers of my blog! This is an amazing deal & can help to create wonderful holiday gifts for the special ladies in your life!

visit & use Coupon code BARONE09 for 35% off until 12/15/09

Her products created an amazing aroma in my home that brought all my guests to want to sample every scent! One guest commented that "It smells so good, I just want to eat it!"

Her signature item is the Balance Bitch Butter! It works amazingly on women for all their female moments! A lot of my guests were excited to purchase this for their girlfriends holiday gifts to accompany a bottle of wine & small box of chocolates!

The Lavendar Vanilla scent was very popular....but all the ladies seemed to fight over the Peppermint Patte sugar scrub sample! It smelled just like chocolate & everyone wanted it for their own!

Make sure and take advantage of her great offer of 35% off her products until 12/15/09 using coupon code BARONE09 at

Look at the amazing display of generosity that this company provided for all our guests! Everyone was so excited that they got to take a product home!

The girls had a fun time trying to decide what their favorite product was!

Some spent hours trying out every scent & taking notes on what they were going to purchase for their holiday gifts!

Make sure and use this wonderful company to purchase that special scent for your special someone!

Our house party did not go without the generous donations from local companies to help make this party amazing!!

Zpizza Aliso Viejo, California donated all the appetizers for our event along with gift certificates for all our guests!!

Pascal the owner of the Aliso Viejo Zpizza loves children! He is opening up his restaurant for an amazing event that Orange County Mom's are not going to want to miss! Every Monday-Friday from 3-4pm he will be helping the children to make their own pizza's! For only $10 the children can create their very own pizza masterpiece and are also provided with a cookie & drink! This wonderful event will continue until the end of December, so if you are looking for something creative to do with you children stop by the Aliso Viejo Zpizza for this great event!

26921 Aliso Creek Road, Aliso Viejo, CA


Their pizza is fire baked on hot bricks so that the crust is uniquely crisp and dark on the edges!
They provided an amazing flat bread and hummus appetizer that everyone could not get enough of!

We had an amazing amount of treats that everyone enjoyed eating!
The hummus & flatbread appetizer did not last long!

Everyone enjoyed every bite

During my company presentation I showed all our guests the information on the Kids Can Cook promotion....

Even one of our Persian guests was could not believe that a pizza place could make hummus as good as her!
Thank you Zpizza Aliso Viejo for your generous donation & support of our event!

Thank you to Zpizza Aliso Viejo for your amazing generosity at our house party event!

Another one of our large local sponsors was Anna Earlywine, owner of Shampoo Cocktails Aliso Viejo!

She so generously donated schwarzkop hair products for all our guests along with free haircut!

She owns the hottest most gorgeous salon in Orange County and was even voted 4th place in Fox LA's hottest places! Make sure and visit them at & call them to book your next hair appointment!
23411 Aliso Viejo Pkwy. Suite M
Aliso Viejo,CA 92656

Our guests were so excited about their amazing products!

We ended the evening with all the girls trying to see who was going to be next in the "spa" room to get their free facials!

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors! We had so many we could only mention a few, but we are very gracious for all our your support!

All of these amazing Orange County women can't wait to spread the word about all these great companies & share the great products in their swag bags!

If you are a company interested in sponsoring our next Orange County House PR event, please email us at Our next event is sure to be bigger and better this April 2010!!

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