Friday, December 18, 2009

Crazy Friday Morning

This morning could not of been any crazier!!

Woke up at Andrew dressed, fed & ready for school to start @ 7:45.

Had to wake-up Ella & Tyler to leave for school.

On the way to school Andrew realized that he forgot his book for the book exchange, so after I dropped him off we ran home got the book and went back to school to give it to him.

When I got to his classroom he said, "Mom! I forgot my movie for the movie party!". I said, "what movie party?". Andrew said, "sorry I forgot to tell you."

So, we headed home! Got Andrew a movie and returned back to school. When I came in the classroom Andrew said, "Mom! I forgot my report card!". I said, "what report card?". Andrew said, "sorry Mom!"

So, once again he headed home. Got his report card, signed it and headed back to school. On the way back to the school Ella screams, "Mom!! The puppy just threw up all over Tyler & I!"....."Oh..NO! Now he is pooping on us!" "SCREAMING!"

I drop off the report card. Give Andrew a kiss and head home to clean-up the mess!

I am in the middle of cleaning up the mess when Daddy calls. "Shelby I accidentally wore one brown shoe and one black shoe today. Can you drive up to my office and give me my matching shoe...PLEASE!"

The kids jump back into the car and we head over to daddy's office. After we get to Daddy's office the kids are complaining that they are hungry, so I did what I never do and got them breakfast out.

As we pull into the drive-way my friend calls who knows I have been looking for the Zhu-Zhu pets calls to tell me that they have 300 of them at Toys R Us. She'll wait in the parking lot for me so she can watch the kids...because they will only sell 1 per person.

So we run down to Toys R' Us and I run in and get the Zhu-Zhu (while still in my pj's..LOL!) We rush home and have 5 minutes to get Ella ready for school.(It is almost 10:30 by now!) I get her dressed, lunch packed & we were out the door to the Elementary school again!!

While on the way Ella said, "But mommy I forgot my homework!"


  1. WOW that IS a crazy morning! At least school will be out for a couple weeks!
    Glad you got a zhu zhu. My 9 year old wants those, but I'm not getting her one. She doesn't do the Santa thing anymore so she's not expecting it.
    Call me anti-retail, but I won't buy them now because the ARE limiting them EVERYWHERE and they are too hyped up now because of that!
    I'm glad you got your though, I'm sure that is alot of stress off of you!

  2. That is hilarious! Only for your day to continue being crazy! Ha ha, glad I could be part of that :) Congrats on getting a zhu zhu. I hope she enjoys it!

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