Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ella's Last Day Being 5!

I can't believe it! Today is the last day I will see my precious baby being 5! Tomorrow she turns 6 and I cannot figure out where the time has gone. She has been counting down the days until her birthday all week, everyday reminding me of how fast she is growing up.

She spent her last day of being 5 sick. :( She could not even get out of bed to help me pick out her outfit for her party. I spent the day decorating her castle cake and making her cupcakes while watching her sleep on the couch. I hope so much that she is feeling better tomorrow.

She wanted to have a ice cream party for her birthday. So I planned the most fantastic party for her closest 10 friends at the park tomorrow. We are being completely pounded by rain all day today and I have been checking the weather forecast every five minutes to make sure it still shows sunny weather for tomorrow. So please keep your fingers crossed for me that we have lots of sunshine for my "little Rainbow's" birthday party!

We are going to make ice cream sundaes, make felt cupcake hair pieces and play at the park! I hope that her special day is everything that she dreamed for!
This is my favorite picture of Ella two days after she was born. This was the first day we brought her home from the hospital and she first meet her Grandparents. She decided to show everyone how happy she was we adopted her by giving us this big smile!
Happy Birthday Peeka! Mommy Loves You!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olay is Giving Away 1,000 Free Regenerist Kits!

Beginning at 12 PM tomorrow on February 24th, the first 1,000 lucky women to sign up will win a free Regenerist Starter Trio! This is a great deal you won't want to miss!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vital Earth Traditions Giveaway

Vital Earth Traditions is a very unique company! I have been using this company's products for awhile and they just keep getting better and better. I will only use their skin care line on my children. Their products are all handmade using very high quality all natural products. She has also recently opened a new Etsy Store!

Living in Southern California we seem to live in flip flops! As a result I always dry and cracked feet. I have tried so many different foot products, but it never goes away. About two months ago I started using their foot cream. I did not expect anything to happen...because it never has before....but I was in shock!! In about two weeks....My feet were completely healed!! I now put a small amount on me feet every night and the skin is as soft as my kids!

As many of you know I constantly blog about Andrew's severe allergies. It has been something we have struggled with since he was a baby. Every time he gets out of the bath he develops hives. I have tried soaps from the market, Whole Foods, Henry's and Mother's. The same thing ~ Hives!

I recently contacted the owner of this company to see it she could help me with Andrew's sensitive skin. The owner was amazing! Now, most companies would charge you an arm and a leg to develop a new product, but not Vital Earth Traditions! They really care about their customers! They developed a soap for Andrew that is only 3 ingredients and even sent me a free bar to sample with him. My husband and I were in tears when we saw him get out of the bath for the first time without hives! Now we have a product that we can buy for him and it works great! It is also gluten free, so I have been recommending it to all my friends who have Autistic children!

Vital Earth Traditions is so generous to us and to our readers too! They are willing to giveaway two of my favorite products! The Coconut Lime Verbena Lotion and their Balance Bitch Butter!

What is their Balance Bitch Butter? It is an amazing products for all your female moments! Having three little kids, sometimes my mood can get bad. Once I rub their Balance Bitch Butter on my tummy my mood flips right back around! It is amazing!! It also makes a great gift for your girlfriends!
Would you like to win?
Vital Earth Traditions is giving away to one of our lucky readers two bottles of the Coconut Lime Verbena Lotion (one 8oz. and one 4oz.) jar of their Balance Bitch Butter!
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Vital Earth Traditions has been so gracious as to offer our readers a 50% discount on your order!! Please use the coupon code GLITTERFUL at checkout to get the discount and it is valid until 3/20/2010. (Thank you Vital Earth Traditions!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Celebrate Girl Scout's Birthday!

Since Ella just became a Daisy girl scout, I have been having so much fun planning lots of exciting activities for her troop! Here is a great upcoming activity if you are a troop leader!

The Girl Scout Birthday, March 12, commemorates the day in 1912 when Juliette Gordon Low officially registered the organization's first 18 girl members in Savannah, Georgia.

Here are some fun ideas to get the celebration going.

1. Throw a Girl Scout Bash

Everyone loves a party, but keep in mind that the definition of "party" can vary. Ask the girls how they want to celebrate the Girl Scout birthday as a group.
You may suggest cooking foods from Savannah, trying Girl Scout Cookie recipes, or decorating cupcakes with green frosting. Ask the girls if they would like to invite their friends or families to join in the celebration. The more the merrier and a good opportunity for parents to see their daughter's Girl Scout group in action.

2. Visit with Juliette Low

Birthdays can be a time of reflection. Let the girls design an event around Girl Scouting's early years. Activities can include music, art, and the culture of Savannah or their own hometown. The girls may even decide to hold a mock interview with Juliette Low. To get the process started, ask the girls:

How would Juliette Low react to today's girls?
What did she do for fun at the ages of 5, 10, and 15?
What kinds of jobs were available to women in 1912?
Each girl can have a turn at portraying Juliette.

3. Create a Scrapbook

A scrapbook of pictures can conjur up fond memories and is a great way to record events. Suggest the idea to the girls—they can bring in photos, drawings, and poems of what Girl Scouting has meant for them. The girls can decorate the pages and the cover together.

4. Focus on Environment

Explain how Girl Scouts prides itself on making a positive impact in communities and the natural environment. Talk with the girls about leaving the world a better place than they found it. Ask them how they might make a difference in their neighborhoods. The ideas can be placed in a hat and one can be selected for the girls to do as a group. If the girls are stuck for ideas, suggest planting a tree in a local park or a recycling activity.

5. See a Movie

With everyone's hectic schedules, take time out for a movie. The girls can choose the movie, then go out for pizza and a chat about the movie. It may be just the thing to celebrate. Welcome and encourage girls to exchange their ideas and opinions about the movie. After all, that's what Girl Scouts is all about—girls learning to express themselves and respond to others in a respectful way.

Whether the girls decide to have a birthday party or plant a tree, the important thing is to provide an opportunity for the girls to celebrate together. Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Better Than Television Activity

Here's an easy way to get your children to have fun watching t.v. without the t.v!

Find a large appliance box, then cut a square hole and a door big enough for you to climb in. Each family member can put on a "prime time" show for everyone else. Here are a few suggestions for the younger children: concerts with musical instruments, drama with toys, or even a nature show using their stuffed animals.

You can use construction paper and magazine pictures to create back-grounds.

Older T.V Stars can interview you or a sibling. Help them develop scripts and ask interesting questions (this is a good opportunity to deal with tough issues you might be dealing with your children). Older kids can also play talk show hosts (use a paper towel or microphone).

Whatever you do, get the whole family involved! This is real Children's Television!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

**NEW** The Three Billy Goats Gruff Felt Board Stories

This amazing quality felt board story is custom made! The images are printed directly onto the felt creating pieces that will last a lifetime! Plus they are all machine washable!!

This felt story is priced at a reasonable price for only $8.00!

It is available on either of our two websites!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Picture

Well I must say that our new Puppy Jack is one crazy dog! This is his favorite seat!! He climbs into this swing on his own and sun's himself!! It is the cutest thing ever!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

20% off And Free Shipping On All Felt Stories

Love is in the air at Glitterful Felt Stories! They are offering 20% off on all felt stories plus free shipping until February 14, 2010. (Use coupon code Love).
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