Thursday, February 18, 2010

Better Than Television Activity

Here's an easy way to get your children to have fun watching t.v. without the t.v!

Find a large appliance box, then cut a square hole and a door big enough for you to climb in. Each family member can put on a "prime time" show for everyone else. Here are a few suggestions for the younger children: concerts with musical instruments, drama with toys, or even a nature show using their stuffed animals.

You can use construction paper and magazine pictures to create back-grounds.

Older T.V Stars can interview you or a sibling. Help them develop scripts and ask interesting questions (this is a good opportunity to deal with tough issues you might be dealing with your children). Older kids can also play talk show hosts (use a paper towel or microphone).

Whatever you do, get the whole family involved! This is real Children's Television!!


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