Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wonderful Ways To Love a Child!

Wonderful Ways to Love a Child
By Judy Ford , 1944

Really love yourself.
Allow them to love themselves.
Learn about parenting.
Handle your children with loving care.
Give your presence, empty of distractions.
Listen from your heart
Speak kindly.
Encourage, encourage.
Try to understand, even the things not said with words.
Answer their questions.
Ask their opinions.
Learn from them.
Say yes as often as possible
Say no when necessary.
Honor their noes, because they sometimes mean “Not now,” or “I’m not ready.”
Celebrate mistakes, teach your children not to be afraid of failure.
Admit your mistakes
Touch gently
Teach that all feelings are acceptable. Feelings are neither right nor wrong.
Speak to their true feelings by helping them discover feeling they cannot express.
Let them cry.
Don’t hide your tears.
Make room for the crankies and the quarrels by managing conflicts and negative feelings, and not by suppressing them.
Teach values by example.
Honor their differences.
Share your dreams.
Change your routine, take a chance, try a new approach.
Laugh, dance, and sing together
Call them love names.
Send them love letters
Build lots of blanket forts
Fly kites together
Lighten up, don’t be so strict and serious all the time.
Take time away, you and your children need some time away from each other.
Read books aloud.
Create a circle of quiet by learning to slow down and take life a little more easy.
Play hooky together.
Don’t let guilt keep you from breaking away.
Go barefoot
Frame their art and hang it on the wall.
Stay up late together.
Delight in silliness, don’t forget to have fun in life.
Splash a lot, and have a playful squirt-gun water fight.
Keep messes in perspective. Remember that happiness is more important than an immaculate house.
Enjoy dinner together.
Generate family festivals: Simple, fancy, planned and unplanned.
Thank them for the little things
Focus on the joy they bring
Believe in possibilities by trusting in God’s divine nature.
Open up to the miracle of transformation
Remember that they have not been on the earth very long.
Marvel at how they are growing.
Let them help.
Cherish the innocence.
Listen for the spiritual language.
Build family-friendly neighborhoods.
Let go when it’s time
Let them come back
Show them compassion and ask for theirs
Protect all our children

Keep them in your hearts and in your prayers.It is not enough to feel love for your child; you must be able to express your love through your words and actions.

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