Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peter Pan Show at The Orange County Performing Arts Center

On Tuesday we had an amazing opportunity to be invited to attend the Peter Pan show at The Orange County Performing Arts Center. We were invited by The Mom Blog from The Orange County Register to participate in a live tweet-up of the show. Along with six other Orange County bloggers we tweeted throughout the show about all the wonderful highlights. You can see a live stream of the tweets by searching #peterpanoc on twitter.

After the show The Mom Blog posted some great tips if you plan to attend the show with your children. A lot of this information can be very helpful! You can read all the tips here.

One thing that I felt was really important to tell your children before attending the show, is not to expect this to be like the Disney movie. It is a little different and Ella noticed right away.

These are the tents that they built just for the show.

The children had a great time admiring the art on the grounds before we went into the show

Before the show, there was this man hanging on the side of this building playing his trumpet. When we got home we looked online and found out that it was a preview of a future FREE show that you can see at The Performing Arts Center. It is called project Bandaloop. It is going on from 9/30-10/2 and looks amazing! So Bring your blankets and beach chairs and enjoy an unforgettable evening under the stars as one of the most unique contemporary dance companies in the world returns to the Center.

Andrew & Ella were eager to go inside

When we got inside they got a chance to go into the candy store.

They were able to fill up a container with any choice of candy. They had so much fun going from bin to bin filling their containers.


Once inside we were amazed at how close and intimate the seating was. There was not one bad seat in the whole house.

The stage was set in the center and the ceiling was one huge round IMAX screen that just swept us right into the story.

This was the end of a great night with some great OC Mom bloggers and their children

Andrew was so excited to wear his new t-shirt to school the next day. It was so big on him it went to his knees.

Ella was so excited about the show, here is her review:

And Andrew's Review:

And although Tyler did not see the show, he still got excited from hearing his brother and sister talking about it...

Peter Pan will be at The Orange County Performing Arts Center until 11/21/10. You can still purchase tickets online here

We were so lucky to be given some great goody bags at the event, and we would love to give one away to one of our readers! If you would like to win a free Peter Pan cloth bag and poster, please leave a comment below to be entered to win.

We will pick one winner on October 15, 2010 at 11:50pm
Giveaway is open to winner's worldwide.

The Performing Arts Center has the most beautiful architecture.

After dinner we were all set to walk over to the Performing Arts Center. The kids all seemed to make instant friendships at the restaurant and had a great time walking together.

We made our first stop at The Rainforest Cafe for dinner. It was like walking into a magical forest and got the kids so excited about the play. There was an alligator that looked so real and every 1/2 hour the entire restaurant turns into a rainforest.

Here we all ready to go. (Yes, I am wearing clothes...LOL!)

Even Andrew was super excited! He even had me iron his shirt!

Ella loves to dress-up and she picked out her favorite dress to wear. She wanted me to put pixie dust in her hair, but she was worried that pixie dust was not pink. Then when we got to the show and saw that Tink was wearing a pink skirt, she whispered to me "Mommy, there is pink pixie dust."


  1. I love the kids' reviews! Especially how the candy store was the centerpiece for each of them. I totally laughed. "Oh, and by the way about the candy..."

  2. You can tell that they don't get to eat candy very often...LOL! They loved it, and I loved the leftover candy the next morning. :)

  3. Great Review! Very cute. Wish I could of went.

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