Monday, September 27, 2010

Ruby's Kids Shake Contest

We took Tyler to his favorite restaurant Ruby's for his "first day of school" lunch. While we were there we noticed that they were running a contest for Kids! Yes...Kids!! It is very rare that you see a contest for kids, let alone one that allows them to be creative...which I love!

For the contest have your children use their imagination and develop their own milkshake and they even get to name it! If they are picked for the winner they have the opportunity to win either $500 cash, Free kid's meals for a year, or (my kids favorite prize) free milk shakes for a whole year!

Andrew & Ella had such a great time creating their favorite recipes and trying them out. (and yes! I tasted all of them...even the flour milk shake, sunflower seed shake and dog food shake!) Let's just say you'll need a lot of tums.

Cooking together with a child is one of the best educational activities a parent can do. Aside from spending quality time together and giving a child the opportunity to feel proud of themselves for creating something, it teaches math, science, reading, and comprehension skills – all while they're just having fun.

So if you have little ones who like to cook and be creative make sure and stop by Ruby's and get an entry form for them. They are accepting entries until October 31st!

Happy Cooking!

For the official rules click here!


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