Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Tyler

Tomorrow my baby turns 4! I cannot believe how time has flown.

Tyler is our miracle baby. He is our only homegrown child. I went into pre-term labor with him at 12 weeks and stayed at Hoag Hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy until he was born at 34 weeks. He was a fighter and still a fighter today.

Shortly after he was born he developed a bad infection called RSV. It caused his entire body to shut down and he never started making white blood cells after the infection. He was then Neutropenic, causing him to have white blood cell replacement therapy twice a week. For almost a year Tyler could not leave the house having to keep him in a very sanitary environment.

Just this past June he went in for a bone marrow biopsy and he is all clear. He is now producing all the cells he needs and is officially a healthy boy! We are so happy and this great news makes this birthday to be a big one to celebrate!

 When he was born the doctor's were amazing that he could breathe on his own at first allowing me to hold him for about 10 minutes. This was such a great blessing to have that opportunity!
My sick little preemie in the hospital

 Now he is a big healthy wild child! I am so happy and would not want him to be any other way!
Help us celebrate this special occasion and a little life that has fought all the odds to be with us today!


  1. Happy BIrthday Tyler! You are a sweet sweet boy and I am so lucky to have you in my life as well as my boys. We love you and can't wait to celebrate your fourth birthday with you. Love you!

  2. Happy Birthday my little friend, you are such a BLESSING!!!

    I'm sending you a HUGE Birthday Hug!

    Aunty, Kelly Lynch Ring

  3. Happy birthday Tyler!!
    Your story has touched me a lot... give a big hug to Tyler from me!

    A fellow adoptive mom from Quebec,
    - Ninon


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