Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Ocean Institute Laguna Beach Million Dollar Home Raffle

Last night Steve and I had the great opportunity to attend The Ocean Institute Reveal event. It was so much fun and nice to go out and have FUN for a date night. We always seem to go to the same old restaurant for date night and then quickly come home. It was nice to mix it up last night and go meet lots of fun OC people!

While we were there we enjoyed the food that many fantastic Orange County restaurants had brought for us to taste! We got to enjoy yummy Chick-fil-a, Sarducci's, Sundried Tomato, Divine Desserts Etc, and many more. They also had great live entertainment and dancing. (What an exciting night!)

After dinner and before the dancing started they did a door prize raffle. As many of you who "know me", I am not the one who ever wins anything. To my surprise and Steve's....we won!! I was so excited that I almost fell off my chair. We were even more surprised to have won a weekend stay at Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach! It is the perfect prize for us. With three kids we almost never get a weekend night away by ourselves, and now we can! We can still be close to home, but enjoy a special weekend together.

While we were there we got an opportunity to find out more about their famous million dollar (Laguna Beach home) raffle! We could not believe that for only $150.00 you can purchase a ticket to possibly become a millionaire!! You can also be a possible winner of a Toyota Prius, $10,000 dream vacation or many more fantastic prizes. Your odds of winning this are much higher than going on Survivor...that's for sure!

So if you are interested in the raffle. The ticket money goes to a great cause, teaching children about the ocean! You have until October 20, 2010 to purchase your raffle tickets!

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