Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye-Bye Tumor

A couple of months ago Steve was brushing his teeth when a I noticed a huge bump on his back. I asked him, "what in the world is that thing on your back?" and he responded with "where did that come from?".

I rushed him over to the walk-in thinking there was something wrong with his appendix, kidneys...I honestly had no idea what it was. When we went to the walk-in the doctor told him it was a tumor. At 35 years old my husband had a tumor. How was that possible?? I cook healthy meals for him, we excercise and really try to live a healthy life style.

I first went into complete shock and panic mode. I have spent the last 20 years of my life loving this man and now there was a possibility that there could be something seriously wrong with him.

I am a pretty calm person and not super quick to over react, but this time I did. I automatically started to think of the worse case scenario. I started not sleeping at night and felt like I had a permanent chest pain from worrying about him. The kids started to make fun of me because my stomach was constantly growling and rumbling.

We then went his regular MD who he had not seen since he was last required to have a physical with Ella's adoption. He advised that Steve have it taken out as soon as possible. He did an MRI to confirm that it was just isolated to the one tumor and there was no other tumor's in his body. We were happy to learn that it was just the one isolated tumor.

We then scheduled his surgery for the week after Christmas. It was an easier week for me to have help from family since most everyone is not on their regular work schedules. We arranged for the kids to go stay at Grandma's house for a sleepover so that I could stay home and commit all my attention to Steve.

Then the day came for his surgery. Ella cryed the entire way to the hospital. She just adores her Daddy and Andrew (who informed us he is old enough to understand these things) told her that Daddy had a 25% of dying in his surgery.

Although we told her over and over that there was less than 1% chance that anything could possibly go wrong she could not stop the tears from flowing.

As I sat in the waiting room for three long hours all I could think about was how much I love him. We met when we were only 16. We know what the other is thinking, we complete each others sentences, we are just so deeply connected. I just sat there thinking about all the memories we have together and the family we have built together.

When the Doctor came out, I was so relieved. He told me that he removed a tumor that was the size of a baseball from his lower back. (a baseball!!!) I was so relieved that he was alright and that the yucky tumor was no longer feeding on his body.

I am just so grateful that he is going to be alright. I just pray that all the tests come back clear and we can close this chapter in our lives forever! Now I get to add a new title to my resume...nurse. :)


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