Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Top 10 List for Keeping Christ in Christmas (Religious)

This can be wonderful for preschools that are religious based to hand out to your parents:
  1. Take time daily for personal and family devotions. Try using an Advent wreath or Advent chain.
  2. Take time for worship. No part of your celebration should be so important that you don't have time to worship Christ this season and especially on his birthday.
  3. Emphasize gifts of love and service over material gifts. Involve the whole family in volunteering or reaching out to the less fortunate.
  4. Tell, read and retell the Christmas story. Read together some of the beautiful children's versions of the Christmas story. Check your local church library or go to sonshine to find some great books about Jesus' birth.
  5. Make Christ the central focus of your home and decorations. Set out an unbreakable creche for your children to manipulate and use to retell the story.
  6. Have a birthday party for Jesus. Young children love birthdays and will relate to Jesus' birth and the celebrations of his birthday. Bake a cake and let them blow out the candles for Him.
  7. Don't forget to give a gift to the honored guest at His own party. Help your children to decide on a gift to give Jesus that they think He would like, ie. making a card for a sick friend, giving a toy to children who don't have any...etc.
  8. Pray each day as a family for the people whose Christmas cards you receive. Taking the time to remember each person or family in prayer will teach your children and you the importance of praying for others.
  9. Don't sweat the little things. Remember that your goal should be to honor Jesus Christ in your celebration of His birth and then some of the details you're sweating will pale in importance.
  10. Have a J.O.Y. filled Christmas! True joy comes only as we put our lives and priorities in the right order at Christmas and throughout the year- J.esus O.others Y. yourself!
These wonderful tip were brought to us complements of a wonderful Orange County local church LCC

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