Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Elmer's #Canyoutopthis Tri-fold Display Challenge

For the Elmer's #Canyoutopthis project Andrew and I worked on making a new homework station to help keep him more organized. He has been struggling with being organized most of the school year, so I thought this might help him to keep all his work in one place.

We used all recycled products. We had an Elmer's tri-fold board from one of his school projects that we had been saving in his closet. We took it out and up-cycled it.

Andrew loves space, so we made it with a space theme. The best part of this homework station is that there was no talking during homework time. There was just enough separation between the kids to really help keep Andrew focused.

He helped me make it and was really proud of what we made together. The best part of doing this project was that we got a chance to do it together.

Andrew loves all his Elmer's supplies

Saying Good-bye to Neil Armstrong space board

Reading to customize it

Andrew help decide what went where and how it looked

The finished project


  1. Very nice! Thanks so much for participating ;)

  2. What a great idea! I used to teach writing to pre-k students and had to put binders up to get them to concentrate... these would have worked much better :)

  3. Very cool! LOVE that you recycled materials!

  4. I love that you recycled the board!

    A great idea - I made one for my son last year, and he still uses it!

  5. Great project!

  6. I totally want to put in my order for this. Thanks for the extra effort in making a video. Great job.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! You were chosen as 1 of 3 winners on my blog for the Can You Top This challenge. Look for an e-mail from me on how to claim your prize.

    Thanks for supporting this giveaway. And again, excellent job

  8. woot-woot!! Thank you so much Keonte :) Andrew will be so excited..I promised him if he won then he could get the prize..he's been wanting a new stroller for his dog..LOL!


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