Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lean Cuisine - Skinny Cow #31days Challenge Day #8

Steve weighed in at 190.1 (total challenge loss of +0.8 pounds)
Shelby weighed in at 155.0 (total challenge loss of -6.1 pounds)

Thank you to Hello! Skinny Jeans at for offering us jeans to wear during our challenge.

Thank you to Eat Smart Products at for offering us a new scale to use in our challenge.

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  1. I'm always amazed about the options at restaurants. I remember when I went on a diet before and had a hard time debating on the healthy back then. Well regardless if the scale is off or not I say ya'll are doing awesome. Congratulations to the two of you.

  2. Thanks! Steve has been freaking out about why he weighed in so much higher before he even had the meal out. I think it's because we weighed in at 4pm vs. 10pm and he had a lot of water in his system. Hopefully he is back down again tonight...we will see tomorrow...

  3. Steve, I notice you are dressed up...keep that in mind because no matter what there will be extra weight. Another thought and something I have noticed...Did you empty your bladder before hoping on the scale? Believe it or not that can add weight to that scale. Plus what type of surface was the scale on. This scale seemed to be in another section not the normal spot. All those can change but I'm with Shelby it seems that it could be water weight. Go pee. :)

    Final thought: If you didn't notice weight loss or even weight gain it could be two different things:

    1. you may be losing inches somewhere and not losing weight. Measure all body parts, arms, legs, chest, tummy, waist/hips, etc.

    2. Have you worked out any? If so it could actually be muscles. :) That's what I want for myself if I gain. lol.

    Either way Steve you are doing great!

  4. Too many variables. At someone else's house.. with a different scale? hmmm.... I bet you will have a big loss tomorrow Steve... (well..unless you had too good of a time at dinner. lol)
    It's just water.... can't gain that much that fast if not.
    You'll see. are both doing great


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