Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Family Snow Day in Big Bear, CA

Last week we had a little family getaway to Big Bear to play in some snow. Southern California is really unique because you can be on the beach in a bikini and an hour drive later be in the snow in Big Bear.

We found a quite place on the mountain to do some sledding (for Tyler-extreme sledding). Tyler has always been extreme with his sports and will probably end up being a professional skateboarder. He just LOVED the snow and must of sled down the hill over 100 times (and actually enjoyed crashing into some trees).

Enjoy the video that we put together from our sledding adventure. Happy snow days around the world!

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  1. OMG- If you guys want snow, you should visit Auntie Ciji. We have over a foot and we are expecting another 6 inches tonight! Miss and love you guys so much !


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