Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrate Valentine's Day Every Day!

I just love Valentine's Day. I love to find new and exciting ways to show my husband and my children how much I love them. We really work hard to keep our family close and well bonded. We are passionate about keeping our family traditions strong and always looking for opportunities to create new ones. I think it is important to celebrate Valentine's Day not just one day a year - but every day of the year!

These are some things I love to do to show my family how much I love them:
  • I tell them everyday how terrific they are
  • Share in their excitement
  • Tell them how much I miss them when they are not around
  • Surprise them with little love notes
  • Hug them
  • Tell them how much I love them
  • Cook together
  • Help them to see their mistakes are learning opportunities - not failures
  • Go for a family walk every night after dinner
  • Eat dinner together every night as a family
  • Call the Grandparents everyday to tell them how much we love them!
  • Create new traditions and celebrate the old!
I hope that you enjoyed your Valentine's Day with your family.


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