Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jello Color Blending

This is a great sensory activity, and helps to teach children their colors!


* Plain Jello or Knox Gelatin
* Ice cube tray
* Plastic Ziploc bags
* Heavy duty tape
* Food Coloring


* Make the plain Jello and pour it into the ice cube trays
* Have your children use a eye dropper (important for fine motor) and drop a different color into each compartment
* Refrigerate the Jello
* Then in a Ziploc bag put one cube of each color into the bag.
* Tape the bag closed with packing tape, so it won't open on the child
* Let the child explore the bag while their mix all the colors together
* Make sure and talk with your children about the colors and how they are changing while they are exploring

Additional Information:

* This is a wonderful activity for children with sensory perceptions disorders!
* Have fun! This is my kids favorite!!


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