Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping your baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule #babyjournal

There are so many benefits to getting your baby on a sleep and feeding schedule.

Babies grow very fast. They need their sleep and a whole lot of it. If they do get the rest they truly need and it's adhered to as much as possible, the baby benefits the most.

Have your baby on a schedule helps you as a new parent function better. It can be hard to find rest around your new baby's sleep schedule. Having your baby on a schedule will make it easier for the new Mom and Dad to find time to sleep.

Routine and schedule helps make a baby feel secure. Routine is a comfort for babies helping them to always know what to expect.

Recording your baby's sleep and feeding habits will also highly benefit your child when they go to daycare. Your child's daycare can follow the babies schedule and when they get home you know exactly what they need.

Set the times, create a routine and remember to be a little flexible as she grows. A 2-year-old will need a different schedule than a 6-month-old.

If you are a new parent I highly recommend using a journal to help keep your baby on a schedule. It can be challenging, but we have recently found a way to help you. Similac has created a baby journal app that you can download for free on your ipad or iphone. It will help you in recording your babies feedings and naptimes.

There are many benefits to this. The baby journal helps you to record all your babies habits and even their growth. This can help you when you need to go to the pediatrician or your child starts daycare. It also helps nursing Mother's to record the time of their feedings and what side they last fed the baby on. There is even a timer to assist you if you have gotten busy as to not let the baby sleep too long without a feeding.

This baby journal will also help you in keeping track of your baby's diaper changes. You can record how many wet diapers they have had and it will graph it for you - just in case your pediatrician needs to know.

Keeping a baby journal is a helpful and useful tool in keeping your baby on a schedule.

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  1. I just downloaded the app to play with it and it looks really cool and I love that you can track everything. My only complaint is it appears to only allow you to track one baby and with twins on the way, we would need to have two applications. Thanks for the great post and recommendation.


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