Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awesome Smart & Final Facts #sfsmarties #bbcsd

At Bloggy Boot Camp this past weekend I got a chance to have breakfast with some wonderful people from Smart & Final. I got to learn so much about what this company does for our local community and how they are so focused on "giving back". Here are some really neat facts that I learned about Smart & Final over the weekend:
  • Was founded in 1871
  • Is in the original phone book
  • Is named after owners Jim Smart and Hildane Final
  • Own's Henry's Markets
  • Their ambiance coffee is the WORLD 's best coffee EVER!
  • Support Little Leagues by allowing them to purchase snack bar food at discounted rates to support the leagues
  • Supports our local firefighters. If there is a fire the local captain can contact their local Smart & Final any hour of the night and they will deliver supplies to the front line of the fire.
  • During a recent CA fire a local Smart & Final got a call in the middle of the night that the fire captain needed 150 Coleman coolers. The location did not have 150 coolers, but they did have the phone number of the owner of Coleman. So Smart & Final called Coleman and got 150 coolers delivered to the front line. What did they need 150 coolers for? They filled the coolers with supplies and then dropped them from helicopters to the firefighters that we on the front lines. -awesome!
  • Firefighters love frozen burritos! They put the frozen burritos in their back pocket while fighter the fire and the heat cooks the burrito for them. They eat it and it's pure protein! - now that's hot!
Hearing some of these stories made me want to be a Smart & Final shopper for life!

Being a Smart & Final Smartie I got the chance to help stuff extremely generous goodie bags that they donated to every blogger who attended the conference. They were filled with a lot of yummy first street brand products. After hearing how Smart & Final is a company that "gives back" I found it appropriate to give back to someone with my goodie bag and pay-it-forward. I packed up and sent all my First Street Brand groceries and mailed it to my Grandma. Having to be on social security these groceries are going to help her so much and I know she is going to be so surprised when she opens her package!


  1. Awesome, Shelby! You captured the heart of what Smart & Final is about. Thank you for the awesome post!

  2. What a great post! I am going to be working with Smart & Final and this made me even more excited!

  3. I totally agree with you...they do have wonderful coffee! I love the facts you dug up on the company. It's so cool that they survived through some really tough economic years! They have been around during the great depression and the great Stock Market crash 1929!!! I like a company who gives back to their community...makes you really want to give them your business. I love what they do for the fire departments and little league. Thanks for opening our eyes to such a great company.

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