Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jesus being banned?

I recently heard about this shocking story about how Orange County movie theatre's have banned a commercial created by Compass Bible Church to be shown in theatres before movies. NCM Media pulled the 30 second ad from their line-up because of the word "Jesus" being used in their ad.

NCM Media has discretionary rights to their videos by not allowing such items nudity, alcohol and drugs on any of their ad's - but Jesus?

I am not a member of Compass Bible Church, however I love that they are making such an effort to reach out to local Orange County families to come and worship with them. I felt that the commercial was done tastefully and had a good message. Church's should have the rights to advertise to grow their fellowship just as much as major corporations.

Compass Bible Church had invested 5,000 in a 3 week run of their 30 second commercial. The money has been returned and the theatres will go back to their more important messages of  "silence your cell-phone" commercials.


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