Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Egg Preschool Learning Activities

Egg match-up:

Take two baskets. Leave one basket empty and have "mis-matched" eggs in the second basket. Have your child "match-up" the plastic eggs and then put them into the separate basket. This is a fantastic fine motor, cognitive and math learning activity. This activity is best when using primary color eggs because then you can talk with your child about the different colors and help them with color recognition!

Basket of "mis-matched eggs"

Help your child by "matching" the first egg for them

Fine motor skills are important for pre-reading skills!

So proud of his accomplishment

Eggs, How many eggs?

Put a specific number of eggs in a basket for your child to count. Make a simple number strip. Help your child count the eggs in the basket and circle the correct numeral.

first make a number strip

help your child count the eggs

Then let them circle the number


  1. I'm so doing this with my prep class next week! I bought the eggs the other day and now I just found this post!

  2. That is so great! You will have to share with us how your kids like it! Tyler spent at least 20 minutes doing it over and over again! Have fun!


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