Friday, April 22, 2011

Making Resurrection Biscuits

Yesterday I spent the day at Tyler's preschool! Being a retired teacher I loved spending the day in the classroom with the children. His teacher did a fun counting game with the children and we made resurrection biscuits with the children. I spent most of the day reading in the book center with the kids and putting on a puppet show with them. 

You can see my post in 2009 when I made resurrection biscuits with the kids here:

 His teacher did this super fun game with the kids. She laminated some pictures of yellow chicks and wrote numbers on them

Then she had the kids each count out the number of cotton balls to match the number on their chicks

Then we made resurrection biscuits with the kids. You can get the recipe to make them here.

The Marshmallows represents Jesus

Then we seal him in the tomb

Then cook them. While cooking the marshmallow will melt symbolizing that Jesus has risen! Ms. Debbie did a great job telling the kids about the biscuits. She is such a wonderful preschool teacher.

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