Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nature Craft: Make a popcorn bird feeder

Spring has sprung as you can go outside and hear all the baby birds starting to chirp. This is a fun project for your elementary school age children to make.

You will need:
  • Thick string. (I use upholstery thread).
  • Thick blunt needles.
  • Popcorn and some dried fruits.

    I love the new Orville Pop-up bowls for this project. It held the popcorn so neatly so that there was not a big mess and no bowl to wash!
    Ella stringing her bird feeder
    Look at what great patterning she did!
    Andrew was so focused during the project
    So proud to be helping nature

    When your children are done stringing their bird feeder you can hang it up, twist it around a tree branch or set is nicely on a firm bush. The birds will find it and your children will get so much joy watching them eat from their feeders.


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