Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pressed Flowers Easter Eggs

Do something different with your easter eggs this year by making a natural impression. We made these unique nature collages on our easter eggs and they are so unique and beautiful.

What you will need:
First take your children outside into nature and let them collect all their favorite leaves and flowers

Then boil your eggs and make sure they are room temperature before decorating

Then have your children paint a nice even layer of Elmer's rubber cement where you want the leaf or flower to be.

Then lay the flower or leaf on the wet Elmer's rubber cement, and gently pat it down until it is glued flat to the egg.

After the Elmer's rubber cement has dried, carefully rub away any extra. A small ball of dried rubber cement is good for rubbing other cement away. To make a ball, paint a thick stroke or two of rubber cement on a piece of scrap paper. After it dries, rub it into a ball. Add more cement if it's too small to hold. When you get a ball you can grip between two fingers, use it to clean up your egg.

 Your children will enjoy spending hours creating these unique eggs. They will also make a great accent to your home decor during the Easter season.

The final result..


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