Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: The Happy Handle Bar Shopping Cart Cover

I love doing product reviews! I love trying out new products and working with brands to help them improve and promote their products.

 I have always wanted one of those cool shopping cart covers to have when I take the kids grocery shopping. I would always walk around the store and panic everytime they would chew on the handle bar of the shopping cart. I wish I had committed to getting one when the kids were younger, however I was more than excited to get my first one to do a review with last month.

I headed out to the store the first day I got it, super excited to go shopping knowing that Tyler would not get any germs. The cover was great! It has a hard plastic mold that is covered with the fabric to snap right on the handle bar. There are also pockets for your wallet or snacks for your child while shopping.

When I went to put Tyler into the shopping cart - he was too big. I was trying every angle to try and get him to fit into the cart, even asking the employee to try and help me fit his little legs into the seat. At first I cryed - when did my baby grow-up so much that he is too big to fit into a shopping cart seat? Then I cryed because I had no idea how I would be able to review this awesome shopping cart cover?

Steve and I sat around and brainstromed how we could do the review. Then I noticed that my friend who is just launching her first blog was looking for a shopping cart cover! Plus her baby is still a baby and she could get a lot of use out of the cover. So I gave her the shopping cart cover and she more than rocked her first product review! Make sure and stop by and check out her first product review and to see how awesome the happy handle bar shopping cart cover is!

If you are looking for a high quality shopping cart cover visit the Happy Handle Bars website!

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