Saturday, April 23, 2011

The tale of two headless statues

When Andrew was born we were given this sweet statue of a Father and Mother holding their baby. I loved it and always displayed it in my home next to a picture of Andrew. Being a new Mom I did not realize the importance of keeping everything out of toddler reach. It was not long before Andrew dropped it off the shelf and broke the head off the daddy.

Steve was so upset that he carefully glued his wooden head back on and told me to always keep it out of reach and on a high shelf.

Then when Tyler was born I got a matching wooden statue of a pregnant lady. Not being a new mom anymore I made sure and always kept it on a high shelf.

The high shelf was no match for a flying Dora the Explorer doll. Who knew Dora could fly?

Two statues celebrating my boys births - both beheaded by each of my boys.


  1. Does this make me a bad person if I laughed?


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